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Get your 3-page, SEO optimised, mobile friendly website for only R200/m. Limited Time Offer!

Included in your website package…

  • FREE domain name registration (or free transfer if you already have one) valued at R80, registered in your name. (.com, .net, .co.za)
  • FREE annual domain renewal valued at R80.
  • 5GB SSD hosting gives you a super quick website with enough space for a ton of emails, valued at R50/month.
  • FREE HTTPS, so Google considers you secure.
  • 3 SEO optimised pages: Home, About, Contact. Valued at at least R3,500.
  • Mobile friendly design, so your site looks great on large and small screens.
  • Fast-loading pages, so you surge ahead of your competition in page speed tests.
  • FREE Google Analytics installation, including weekly email updates.
  • Optimised sales copy, to be as convincing as possible to site visitors.

Benefits of a Bay Marketing Co website package...

FREE domain name registration & FREE annual renewal

Your domain name is on us (unless you have one, in which case transfer to BMC is free).

That’s right! If you’re looking to buy a co.za, .com or .net domain name, Bay Marketing Co foots the bill (provided it hasn’t been taken yet).

But that’s not all. There’s no charge for your annual domain renewal!

And you don’t have to remember to renew. That’s BMC’s job. And we won’t let you down.

Of course, the domain name is registered to your name. You’re the owner, not Bay Marketing Co. What’s yours is yours.

Speedy hosting

Almost 50% of web users expect your site to load in 2 seconds or less.

That’s quick!

And that’s WHY Bay Marketing Co hosts your site on an SSD hard drive.

SSD hosting offers a far superior load speed time to standard hard drive hosting used by cheaper hosts.

Slow hosting will eat into your bottom line like a rabid virus. With Bay Marketing Co’s web package, you can rest assured your website will run super fast.

FREE https

Hate to break it to you, but HTTPS isn’t NEARLY as secure as some would have you believe.

So why have it?

Because Google added HTTPS as a signal to their ranking algorithm.

If you don’t have HTTPS, your competition who makes use of it WILL outrank you. Not might, WILL.

Bay Marketing Co doesn’t want that for you. We want you to prosper and beat the competition. That’s why we throw in free HTTPS.

3 optimised pages

Home, About, Contact; a GREAT place to start.

It’s like a business card. Except, a paper business card can’t be updated.

And getting a business card to a new connection in Putsonderwater is a mission.

You could courier one.

Or you could WhatsApp or email them your web address, where your optimised website will greet them with a smile and give them all the info they need.

But why not one of those funky single page websites?

Call me old school, but I like to have more pages to work with. It gives you more opportunity to brag, and it gives me more opportunity to work some SEO magic.

I don’t make a god of search engine optimisation because online marketing has many facets. But SEO is an important factor. (But these are secrets I can’t discuss here…)

What’s SEO, you ask?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It involves loading your website with the correct on-page elements to attract Google and the like. (Some might argue that it involves off-page elements too, such as inbound links; I have a slightly different view.)

In other words, it’s spraying your website with digital pheromones.

FREE analytics

You can have all the marketing in the world, but if you don’t know who’s visiting your website, why they’re visiting, where they’re from and what they do while on your site, it’s all for nought.

Bay Marketing Co sets up Google Analytics on your site for free, and creates a weekly analytics email update of what’s going on on your website.

This helps you make the right decisions for your next marketing move, which could be a sales funnel, lead generation form, paid advertising or mass mail shot.

But there’s more.

We’ll also set up Google Search Console, which ties in with Google Analytics to show you what people are searching for to get to you, and how your site is performing for those search terms.

Superb SEO

SEO is not rocket science, but you need the basics in place.

I don’t want to discuss too much about my SEO tactics here.

But your site receives every single white hat optimisation technique.

Along with the HTTPS security and SSD hard drive, it gives you a website that’s well optimised, ready to tackle the competition.

But rest assured, Bay Marketing Co does not dabble in crooked or blackhat SEO techniques. We don’t want your website to pay the penalty for what would be a greedy mistake.

Relevant, optimised writing

If you want sales, you’ve got to use persuasive arguments.

Corporate claptrap—the use of dazzling large words—might impress your colleagues (and even win you awards), but it won’t bring in the sales.

Bay Marketing Co loads your website with down-to-earth language geared towards opening up wallets and handing over credit cards.

You might think people don’t read, but they do.

Words sell. Pictures draw in, but facts are the most powerful salesmen on earth. A fact might be something as simple as a price for your product, but it’s still a fact that people want to read.

If your copy doesn’t convey the facts in a convincing manner, you’re flushing money down the drain.

Optimised usability

Resize this page and you’ll notice the text scales to a different size (where it makes sense).

Every bit of your site is optimised to make your visitors as comfortable as possible while you woo them into parting with their cash, no matter their preferred browsing tool.

Your site is mobile optimised, which means you’re moving yet another obstacle out of their way as they travel towards their end goal: doing business with you.

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