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The slightly sad story of Suzie, who didn't think she needed a website, but got some sense smacked into her...

Meet Suzie.

Suzie runs a small brick and mortar business.

She loves working with clients, but she knows she needs to up her marketing game.

Her Facebook page and Instagram account aren’t cramming her shop with customers the way she’d envisioned they would.

Over coffee with her sister one day, she mourns the lack of success her neatly manicured social media brings her and confesses that only by paying exorbitant fees she’s able to draw the attention she thinks her goods deserve.

“All my friends told me I wouldn’t need a website. They said that social media is all you need. And Facebook constantly sends me these wonderful emails telling me how to make my page work. I’ve got so many likes, but they don’t seem to make an impact.

“I’ve started boosting posts, but it’s so expensive! What other social media strategies should I employ, sis? Help me!”

Her sister, a sensible, conservative girl not easily swayed by fads, knits her brow and listens intently.

Then she gently puts down her cup and asks, “why don’t you get a website, sis?”

The question shatters into Suzie’s tender ears, smashes through her brain and ruptures her heart, where a cauldron of anger starts to boil.

How dare her sister ask her such a stupid question? Doesn’t she know that all the cool people hang out on Facebook and Instagram and some even on totally useless social media sites such as Twitter?

The cauldron of anger inside her bubbles over and erupts into Suzie’s limbs.

With a screech she hurls her cup of coffee across the room, jumps up and assumes the kokutsu dachi karate stance she saw on a Facebook meme.

“Sis,” she bellows, “your old-fashioned views are bothering me no end! It’s time you’re straightened out! You must learn to respect the new ways, no matter how absurd they seem to sensible people!”

Suzie draws back her right hand and with all the force she can muster, pitches it toward her sister’s head.

Suzie’s sister calmly dodges to the right of the punch and shoots her left arm up, bringing the tip of her elbow down hard on Suzie’s upper arm.

A wail follows the cracking sound that emits from Suzie’s arm and she tumbles to the floor like a broken Barbie doll.

Suzie’s sister flicks her thumb across her nose and steps over to where Suzie is cowering in a heap on the floor. Other patrons jump from their chairs and scramble towards the door to get away from the lethal woman.

Suzie’s sister allows a smile to mark one corner of her mouth, but nothing more.

“Get up, Suzie. Stop your howling and get up off the floor.

“Those friends of yours who told you that social media is sufficient are a bunch of dumbasses. You got what you asked for by listening to them.

“Sure, there’s a place for social media, if you really want to be stubborn. But any monkey can build a social media presence.

“A website builds trust with people. A website offers yet another way for your customers to see what you’re selling and lets them find you easily.

“And furthermore, a website is a great place for marketing efforts if you tie it in with sales funnels, ecommerce and mailshots. And for that matter, even paid social media marketing.”

Suzie pushes herself up onto her knees, and while clutching her right arm with her left hand, lifts her head to her sister and whimpers, “where did you learn that move, sis?”

Suzie’s sister, her arms akimbo, chuckles and replies, “from a free lesson I received for signing up through an email marketing campaign that new karate dojo around the corner from me sent out.

“Email is still the most powerful online marketing medium, but a website’s not far behind.”

Suzie’s sister turns her head towards the camera, flashes a smile and winks.

Why you're (possibly) here...

You’re here because you don’t want to be Suzie.

You’ve realised that social media doesn’t live up to the hype surrounding it, and you’d like to improve your online sales.

You’ve started wondering whether a website might not be a good addition to your business.

You might have googled the ins and outs of a website. You may have searched for stats that show the efficacy of a good website. You might have seen that well written content posted to your own website has the ability to outlive a Facebook post by 99.97% (literally).

You’ve come across terms like “keyword research”, “SEO”, “page load speed”, “microdata”, “copywriting”, “search engine optimisation”, “optimised images” and “mobile friendly”, and much of what you’ve read looks interesting.


The problem...

But you’re not sure how all of this fits together and how it’ll make a difference to your bottom line.

And you don’t have time to put together the puzzle pieces involved in building a great web presence.

There’s the domain name you need to buy.

Then there’s hosting. Who do you use? Will that cheap host give you everything you need to satisfy Google and people?

What about building your website? Will you buy a template and try to wangle it yourself? Will you get a web designer to put it all together? What if the design rocks but the copy sucks?

Then there’s future marketing to keep in mind.

Who’ll build your sales funnel? Who’ll put together a lead generation engine for you?

What if you want to build your own email list, or want to send out an email campaign (still the best way to make sales online, BTW)?

Now you’ve got to get your marketing connection to talk to your technical guy, as well as get your designer onboard.

Your project gets relegated to a bin in a back alley, not because you’re a bad organiser or because any of the people in your chain can’t do their jobs.

It just gets too much.

The solution...

My name’s Jansie.

I’ve been creating websites and writing content since 2006.

I’d like to introduce you to my company, Bay Marketing Co.

Bay Marketing Co gives you a well designed, faultless website that’s search engine optimised (SEO) and mobile friendly.

But that’s not all.

We load your pages with relevant, well-written content that speaks to your clients.

Don’t worry, it won’t contain a shocking sister scrap (unless that’s your thing), but it will be filled with content that’s geared towards making your site visitors take action.

When I started Bay Marketing Co, I did so reluctantly, not wishing to enter the market officially if I wasn’t sure I’d be able to give my clients a quality product.

Well, I’m confident, by God’s grace, that I can offer you an amazing online marketing service.

I’m old school. I’m a firm believer that a website is as relevant today as it was at the beginning. There are more than enough studies online to back up my position. Not to mention my own websites that draw good traffic through well-written content.

And that’s why I’m offering an irresistible web package.

Bay Marketing Co gives you a search engine optimised, mobile-friendly website that does a fine job.

Other marketing services...

But Bay Marketing Co doesn’t offer only fantastic SEO websites.

If you’re really looking to increase sales, why not look at a sales funnel?

Have a good sales team in place? Create a lead generation machine.

Want to shoot a cold email to new prospects? It needs to be personalised and read like it’s from a friend, else you’ll end up in spam and possibly get blacklisted.

Or perhaps you’d love to build your own database of prospects and future clients.

Bay Marketing Co can help.

What about content marketing?

No problem!

But read on to see how we tune your website to auto-post to your social media channels.

Social media marketing?

If you’re relying on free social media such as a Facebook page or a Twitter account, or even Instagram, you’re possibly wasting your time.

It’s a bold statement, but the fact is: conversion rates for unpaid social media are lower than the sole of your foot. Don’t believe me? You’ll find a number of revealing studies online that might shock you.


Since it’s foolish to say that social media is useless for marketing, we offer you the best of both worlds: a system where you feed social media with content that sprouts from your website.

It’s like using social media posting software, like Hootsuite or Buffer. But we set it up with WordPress and it’s much more affordable.

And from your website springs your social media content, which means it’s first and foremost YOUR content.

That way, at the end of the day, when you look at your marketing efforts, you won’t see a gaping crater where your own content could have been, and stare in disbelief at the bloated pot-belly of a social media network that you’ve fed up over the years and turned into a rich, lazy hobo.

And ecommerce?

If you’re looking for an online shop, we can set up an ecommerce option that allows you to add a limited number of products for free (although the setup comes with a charge).

That same system offers an upgrade that allows you to add as many products as you like.

But more than that…

The upgrade not only lets you create a shop on your own website, it also lets you add your shop to various social media channels, such as Facebook and Instagram.

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