Bay Marketing Co installs Google Analytics to your website at no cost. You also have access to it. But we take it a step further with a handy free tool that shows you if you’re heading in the right direction.

Content Marketing

Content marketing

This expert content strategy will knock the socks off search engines, causing your website to cruise to the top, from where it will pull traffic for a long time to come.



My fast SSD hosting with included backups ensures that your website remains online at all times.

Handyman Web Design


If you’re a handyman you can reach more people with this marketing package that automatically shares your painting, tiling, plastering and building alteration work to three channels.

Pe Timber Homes

PE Timber Homes

PE Timber Homes moves over to me to ensure their website remains up to date and is backed up at all times.

Plant Hire Web Design

Plant hire companies

Plant hiring agencies can reach more prospects through more channels with this marketing package that lets them reach a wider audience.

Civil Engineering Web Design

Civil engineering companies

Civil engineers can show off their spectacular work with this marketing package that helps them reach prospects through three channels

Building Contractor Web Design

Building contractors

With this marketing package a top building contractor can reach prospects through three channels from a single, optimised platform and look like the building expert he is.

Manufacturing Workshop Web Design

Manufacturing workshops

How a manufacturing workshop can draw more attention to their projects and consequently get more clients.

Electrician Web Design


Sparkies can increase their customer base by using this marketing package to showcase their successful wiring and electrical projects to the world.

Plumber Web Design


With this marketing package plumbers can reach people with this message of hope: “I hope the toilet doesn’t block up when I flush.”

Backpackers Web Design


Put your backpacker establishment on the map with a marketing package that lets you reach more people from a single point.

Cleaning Services Web Design

Cleaning services

Run an industrial or home cleaning company? How would you like to add more clients to your cleaning roster?

Security Company Web Design

Security companies

Show the community you’ll protect them from the thieving and murderous hands of tsotsis with a marketing package that lets you reach more people with your security company’s services.

Mechanical Web Design

Auto shops

If you’re an auto body shop owner, mechanic or auto-electrician, this marketing package lets you reach more people with your services, products and expertise.

Real Estate Agencies Web Design

Real estate agencies

This marketing package lets real estate agents share new properties, holiday rentals and long term rentals to a single platform to reach three channels. There’s no competition from other agents and it’s a fraction of the cost of large property websites.

Audio Visual Consultants

Audio visual consultants

A great online marketing package for suppliers of home theatre, home automation and sound systems. Show people why your expertise will help them enjoy movies and music even more.

Ad Agency Web Design

Ad agencies

This online marketing package will help ad agencies draw more attention so they can do what they’re supposed to: sell.

Graphic Designer Web Design

Graphic designers

Give your designs a home with an online marketing package that showcases your work to a multitude of people.

Pet Groomer Web Design

Pet groomers

Put your best paw forward with an online marketing package that showcases your excellent pet grooming abilities.

Church Web Design


Get an online marketing package that’ll help you reach more people with the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Computer School Web Design

Computer schools

Hook more students with an online marketing package that’s geared towards making your computer school look great.

Dance Studio Web Design

Dance studios

Pirouette into the hearts of would-be-dancers with a light-footed online marketing package that makes you look like the professional dance instructor you are.

Smartphone 1426544

Cell phone shops

Advertise your latest phone deals, cellphone cases and other cellphone accessories with an online marketing package that helps you reach three channels.

Dentist Web Design


Has your online presence got periodontitis? Build a garrison of grinners by giving it a digital brush and floss.

Employment Agency Web Design

Employment agencies

With all the regulation stifling the South African employment landscape your service will only become more sought after. Here’s how to make sure more exasperated employees know about you.

Fishing Charter Web Design

Fishing charters

Hook more clients with a professional online marketing package that makes your fishing charter stand out like a Coryphaena hippurus breaking surface!

Agri Web Design

Agri suppliers

Get an online marketing package that lets you market to all types of farmers from a single spot. Like a spilpunt reaching every corner of the field.



Test out the market with my fauxmerce solution before you commit to spending big on ecommerce.

Cape 92191

Search engine ranking

If you want to rank higher in Google there’s a wrong way to do it. I can help you do it the right way.

Gym Web Design


Get an online marketing package that’s not afraid of doing some heavy lifting to get you more members.

Frail Care Web Design

Retirement villages

The elderly should be given a place of honour and respect. That’s why your retirement village is the perfect place for them.

Gun Shop Web Design

Gun shops

Hit the bull’s-eye with an online marketing package that does a great job of showcasing your munitions.

Jeweller Web Design


Dazzle website visitors with an online marketing package that shines at showcasing your jewellery.

Knife Maker Web Design

Knife makers

Get an edgy online marketing package that shows off your knife-making skills and gets you more enquiries.

Language School Web Design

Language schools

Let your online marketing speak to language students in a way that’ll make them see you’re the right place to learn from.

Museum Web Design


Draw more people to your museum with a sensible online marketing approach.

Supplement Supplier Web Design

Supplements suppliers

Give search engines something to gawk at with an online marketing package built like Arnie and fit like a fly-half.

Outdoor Sports Web Design

Outdoor sports shops

Hit the mark with an online marketing package geared towards helping you sell more of your outdoor products.

Event Planner Web Design

Event planners

Want to take a seat at a banquet round where all the big guns are seated? Get an online marketing package that’ll help your event planning business enjoy success in the long run.

Politician Web Design


If you want more people to take on your cause and stand for what is right, you need an online marketing package that’ll help you put up a good fight.

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Kakuli Outdoor Gear

Hein from Kakuli Outdoor Gear needed a website to help him rank better in Google for various search terms.

Martial Arts Gym Web Design

Martial arts studios

Round-the-house-kick-to-the-face your competition with a kickass online marketing package that shows off your palace of punishment.

Surfboard Shaper Web Design

Surfboard shapers

Shape your online performance to bring in more surfboard enquiries and consequently, more sales.

Surf Shop Web Design

Surf shops

Throw a cutback with a sweet online marketing package and like, watch the spray arc over three channels. Gnarly.

Toy Shop Web Design

Toy shops

Here’s how a fun-filled online marketing package can get more kids (of all ages) through your toy store’s doors.

Vet Web Design


With a well planned and executed online marketing package pet owners will know you care for their precious friends.

Wedding Venue Web Design

Wedding venues

Show off your beautiful wedding venue with a practical online marketing package that helps more brides see what you have to offer.

Wedding Planner Web Design

Wedding planners

Say yes to a sensible online marketing package geared towards ensuring more brides-to-be know of your ability to take them through one of their most important days without a hitch.

Videographer Web Design


Take your videography marketing to new heights with a High Def online marketing package 🙂

Marketing Company Web Design

Marketing companies

A marketing company that offers online marketing to other marketing companies? That’s stupid! Or is it?

Pest Control Company Web Design

Pest control companies

Sorry to pester but can I have your attention please? Get an online marketing package that eradicates any doubt as to whether you’re good at your job.

Recycling Company Web Design

Recycling companies

A great online marketing package helps you spread the word on the importance of recycling and bags you more clients.

Motivational Speaker Web Design

Motivational speakers

Change more people’s lives with an online marketing package that lets more people see your offer.

Fencing & Gating Supplier Web Design

Fencing & gating suppliers

Don’t fence in your work! Get an online marketing package that lets more people see your strong, practical and beautiful security products.

Paint Supplier Web Design

Paint suppliers

Paint the town red with a website that shows off your wide range of coatings.

Panel Beater Web Design

Panel beaters

With this online marketing package you can get more clients to bring you their banged up cars for a beating.

Automotive Aftermarket Web Design

Off-road accessory shops

Put your 4×4 aftermarket business in turbo with an online marketing package that revs prospects’ motors.

Cycle Shop Web Design

Cycle shops

With this online marketing package you can reach more people with your bicycles and cycling accessories. And if you want, you can even take your shop online.

Welder Web Design

Welding shops

Get an online marketing package that performs like a trusty old stick welder. It just keeps going.

Musical Instrument Shop Web Design

Music shops

Likes and shares are low level commitments, like Mick Jagger saying “I do” to a woman. Get a holistic online marketing package and sell more instruments.

Florist Web Design


This online marketing package will get more people contacting you for bouquets and gift baskets.

Carpenter Web Design


Get a load-bearing online marketing package that’s plumb in every way 🙂

Artist Web Design


Are your beautiful works of art seen by people who will do more than like and share? This online marketing package might just help you sell more art.

Accounting Web Design


Is a website an asset or a liability? Can you use online marketing to increase profit? This package might just do exactly that for you.

Landscaping Web Design


A wonderful online marketing package for landscapers.

Education Web Design


One plus one equals two. A great online marketing package means more learners for your school.

Architect Web Design


Get an ergonomic website with a genius loci that suits your parametric stylobate :).

Bakery Web Design


Is this the most scrumptious online marketing package your bakery will ever taste?

Web Design For Hair Salons

Hair salons

This is a great online marketing package for hair salons, hairdressers and barber shops.

Kvd Studios

KVD Studios

KVD Studios is a professional sound studio situated in Randfontein.

Coda Music

Coda Music hits a high note with a website from me.


Plastiflo needed a website where farmers could get information on livestock feeders and plastic water tanks, as well as request pricing.

Deuce Real Estate

Deuce Real Estate gets a website to which they post news, featured properties and holiday rentals.

Jeffreys Bay Wheel & Tyre

Jeffreys Bay Wheel & Tyre, a Dunlop Zone programme member, gets a professional website to showcase their fitment products and services.

Milkwood Market

Milkwood Market gets a website from where they share news, including event updates.

DKM Log Homes

DKM Log Homes builds a solid foundation with a website from me.

Corn Dog Team Joins Bay Marketing Co

Corn Dog Team

Corn Dog Team, a local fast food joint specialising in corn dogs and deep fried Bar Ones, has joined the my team!

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