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KVD Studios

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Table of Contents

KVD Studios is run by four friends who started it in 2012 and offers sound recording, mixing and mastering services.

In other words, they take raw music, spit and polish it and wrap it neatly in a palatable format.

I’m chuffed for having hooked this client because they moved from Wix builder to a WordPress build.

But does the move mean they won’t be able to edit their new site?

Au contraire.

I believe (and I speak from experience) it’s easier to reach out with their Bay Marketing Co WordPress website than it is with Wix.

Their website is set up to allow them to add news items to their heart’s content. It’s certainly easier to do so with WordPress than with Wix.

So I look forward to see how they use their website to grow their audience and get more solo artists and bands through their doors.

Visit the KVD Studios website if you’re interested in getting your stuff recorded.

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