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Table of Contents

One of the most frustrating things with Facebook is the fact that likes and shares are as useful as a candle in a blizzard.

Yet, people keep falling for it. Business owners keep sticking a value to what is known in the industry as vanity metrics.

If you’re basing your success on likes and shares, you’re missing out on serious business.

The only way to make Facebook work for you is to get on there and DRAW people away from it!

That way, you’ve got their attention. You’re not trying to squeeze your product or service in-between a kitten, a cheap new drone, the latest “wisdom” from Hollywood and your niece’s first steps.

You cannot compete against all of that!

That’s why what offers is worth gold. offers professional PPC marketing. And as I’ve discussed in a post about SEO and PPC, PPC is fantastic for driving immediate and highly targeted traffic.

If you’re in the market for more leads, visit (’s website) for more info on how they can help you get more sales leads for your business.

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