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I recently completed a website for a technologist working out of Jeffreys Bay.

No automation required

Since she only requires a handful of committed clients per year, she did not wish to make use of the automated Facebook posting or the automatic email newsletter.

Targeting search engines

But she immediately saw the need for performing well in Google for searches performed in the architectural niche, and therefore agreed that an important function would be the adding of content in the form of completed projects.

Content creation service

She was honest, however, in that she knew good intentions might not lead to action. In other words, she knows the importance of adding her completed projects to her website, but knew it would be too daunting a task for her to tackle and consistently get right.

No problem!

I’m in a position to help post her projects, along with images.

That way I’ll help her steadily build her online profile, which in turn will make Google pay attention. This should lead to her website climbing to the top of Google for important searches.

It’s the sort of long term marketing that’s excellent for long term success for small companies.


If you’re in the market for architectural work give Senta Wessels’ website a look.

If you’re in the market for an online marketing package that’s aimed at not only giving you immediate success, but long term success, book a consultation.

Grow your business!

Want a website that’s geared towards getting you more phone calls, more emails and more WhatsApp messages from people looking for your product or service?

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