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Behind the scenes – the real cost of not getting a Bay Marketing Co package

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Table of Contents

You might have a website you’re paying a few cents per month for to host.

So you look at our R200 per month price tag and wonder, “how the heck can these guys charge R200 per month for only hosting?

“I’ll just stick to my sub-R50 hosting, thank you very much.”

But what exactly are you getting for your sub-R50 hosting?

Let’s take a closer look and compare braaiwors with braaiwors.

SSD hosting

If you run a WordPress install—which is what we use exclusively for our clients—and website speed is important to you, you must host your site on an SSD server.

This gives your site a significant speed boost, and this is of utmost importance, since Google uses load speed as a ranking factor.

Now, real site visitors are more important than Google, but if Google has any business sense, they’ll make decisions based on pleasing people who use their search engine.

Many hosts won’t tell you that their cheap hosting does not include SSD hosting. It suits them to leave off this information.


We install WordPress for you with a number of plugins that help speed up your marketing flow.

But we don’t install your site and leave you to wander out into the cold.

We keep your WordPress website up to date at all times, almost religiously. Seriously, we have OCD over outdated plugins and themes.

We cannot have you running dated software. Not only does it put you at risk, it also puts our company at risk. It’s stupid to not keep your site up to date.

We literally check up on our clients’ sites a number of times per day.

Can’t help it.

So we always know what’s going on with a site.

And if you spot something we didn’t (it happens), we’re an email or ticket away from fixing it.


We use a number of plugins for styling your site. They cost the company a few hundred dollars per year.

Because we buy a developer’s license, you don’t have to worry about spending money on it.

And you needn’t worry about whether we use the software ethically, because of the developer’s license.

You could buy this software yourself and build your own website.

But it would require you to spend an enormous amount of time learning how to do certain things you may not be familiar with; time you could have spent selling.

We’ve got it down pat. We spend time working these tools so you don’t have to.


You still posting to your Facebook page?

And how’s that working out for you?

Lots of likes and shares but hardly any change to the bottom line?

Here’s what you get with Bay Marketing Co’s hosting…

Social media

Since it’s a WordPress site (self-hosted, not, it’s easy to add new content in the form of blog or news posts.

We set up your site with an automated syndication system that lets you post content to your website whenever you want to.

But it doesn’t end there.

Through another amazing piece of software we let your content flow automatically to your Facebook page, Twitter and Pinterest, with hashtags.

Here’s why it’s a superior approach.

You could use social media marketing software like Hootsuite or Buffer to post to various platforms.

But have you seen the prices of these systems?

For a small business it makes no sense.

And where does the content reside? Not on your website.

Do you know what that means?


By posting directly to social media you’re skirting search engines, and this is a grave mistake, because search engines bring in lots of solid traffic.


With our package setting up an automated newsletter is easy.

We connect your website to a newsletter system that allows you up to 500 subscribers and whenever you post an article, it’s sent out in an automated newsletter to your subscribers.

This means your loyal fans will never miss an opportunity to hear from you!

In conclusion

You could get your hosting at seriously cheap rates these days.

Heck, we’ve set up FREE hosting successfully.

The problem is, there’s no such thing as free. You always pay in some or other way.

With Bay Marketing Co, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that you shouldn’t have to worry about.

It’s not your problem, it’s ours.

We’ve got your back.

Get a Bay Marketing Co web design package and relax.

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