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Cycle shops

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Disclosure: some links in this article are monetized affiliate links. I earn commission from them, but at no additional cost to you.

Table of Contents

You’ve just received a shipment of sweet 29ers and can’t wait to put them on display in your store.

And you’re convinced people will go nuts for your new range of cycling shirts.

Not to mention that range of high tech bike computers you’re waiting for.

You love everything about cycling and you love everything about your cycle shop.

But is your cycle shop getting the attention it deserves?

Are you missing out on clients?

Maybe you’re a true social media warrior and you post to Facebook all the time.

When you get in a new product, you take a picture and upload it to your personal Facebook profile immediately.

Or perhaps you run a Facebook page and add your latest products there.

But what are those likes and shares worth?

Have you ever asked yourself how many likes and shares it takes before you sell a bicycle, for instance?

What if there’s another way to get more people to see your cycling goods?

Have you ever considered getting a professional website?

What can you do with your cycle website?

A Bay Marketing Co website is built on the popular WordPress platform.

It gives you a solid foundation for building a professional online presence that’s geared towards getting you more sales.

If you set up your website with the correct categories and regularly post cycling content to those categories, you’re doing a number of things right.

First off, you look like the cycling pro you are. A website with plenty of good, relevant content makes you look great.

Secondly, you’re giving Google something they can properly carbo load on, not just a tiny sip of a weak energy drink.

Let’s create a scenario.

You create the following categories:

  • Road cycles
  • Mountain bikes
  • Cycling wear
  • Bicycle maintenance
  • Bicycle transport

Now you can start adding articles to your website that fit into those categories.

It won’t be long before your website is chockablock with relevant, useful articles that people and Google love.

But don’t think of articles in terms of “how-to’s” or cycling news.

Those are fantastic, but you can also add articles whenever you have a new product on the floor or are running a special on some cycling products.

An article could simply be a picture, a title, an excerpt and a little bit of text to tell people what it is they’re gaping at.

It’s like an alternative ecommerce store. It’s much cheaper and gives people a great idea of what you’ve got.

You might be thinking, “but Facebook lets me post this sort of stuff in any case. Why would I need a website?”

Please read on to see why a website will do your cycling shop wonders.


If your budget allows for it you can add an ecommerce store to your cycling shop website.

In this case you’d still have a news section, but now you’ll also add your latest cycling products to your online store.

This is something I wouldn’t recommend if you don’t have a standard website to start with.

Ecommerce takes time to get going. You might get discouraged if you set up a full-fledged ecommerce store and the sales don’t roll in. And that’s the way it is; sales don’t just come piling through the door.

Automatic sharing

One of the best ways to cover plenty of marketing bases with little effort is to put stuff on auto-pilot.

This is possible with a Bay Marketing Co web design package.

We focus on three digital marketing channels: social media, email and search engines.

One of these channels, search engines, does the work for you. All you do is add content to your website and the search engines lap it up.

The other two, not so. It takes effort on your part to reach out to people on those platforms.

But to create email newsletters is a tedious task.

Even posting to Facebook could be a shlep.

And sometimes you forget to post or email.

But with one of our web design packages, should you choose the auto-posting function, all you do is keep posting content to your website.

Your content is automatically shared to your Facebook page and your email subscribers.

And it looks great too.

When it’s shared it includes your article’s main image as well as your excerpt.

People can then click on the shared item and visit your website where they’re away from distractions (which Facebook is famous for) and you can sell to them to your heart’s content.

Email marketing

This is a phenomenal way to reach people with your cycling products.

A person who consents to receiving emails from you is far more committed than someone who likes or shares your stuff on Facebook.

What effort lies behind a like or a share?

It’s like going downhill on an ebike. No effort.

But if someone entrusts their email to you they want to join your peloton.

We set up an email newsletter system that allows you to add up to 500 subscribers for free.

We also create a subscription page on your website where people can add their names and email addresses. From here they’re automatically added to your newsletter.

And of course, they can unsubscribe any time they wish.

Search engine marketing

Bay Marketing Co loves search engines.

Google is a fantastic tool for finding bicycles, cycling gear and cycling clubs.

People might ask questions about your bike shop on Facebook, but they’ll probably head to Google too, to learn more about you.

If your website’s not on Google, your competition who does have a website might steal your clients right from under your nose.

Some of the searches people do to find a cycle shop include: “buy bicycle”, “bicycle shop near me”, “bicycle repairs”, or “bicycle online shop”.

You could be featuring for those search terms, getting more people through your door and making more loyal customers.

Social media marketing

Social media is overrated.

Free social media marketing is one of the most useless things ever. Like a bicycle with square wheels.

If you’re not paying for your social media marketing (boosts and paid placements) you won’t get the attention your cycling shop deserves.

Facebook is designed like that because Facebook is an advertising business.

The return on investment for free advertising on Facebook has never been great.

And if something shows a low return on investment, it’s bad business to expend much effort on growing it.

The next best thing is to automate your social media marketing.

That’s easy with one of our web design packages, should you choose the automated sharing option.

You keep adding content to your website and it’s shared to your Facebook page automatically.


A bicycle shop with a Gmail or Yahoo email address doesn’t look professional.

With our web design package you can set up as many professional email addresses as you want, your hosting space being the only limit.


Your bike shop website comes with Google Analytics installed.

You’re welcome to access those analytics whenever you wish.

But you could opt for the weekly report that shares handy information like the search words people used to get to your website, the pages they visited and where they’re from.

It also shares some social media metrics.

Mobile friendly

Your bike shop website is mobile friendly, of course.

You don’t want website visitors to pinch and scroll to see your fantastic cycling offers.


A package like this, with all of that functionality, sounds like it’ll cost the price of an Eagle Patriot carbon fibre mountain bike (affiliate link).

But that’s not the case.

We’re really trying hard to get small and medium businesses seen without breaking their budgets.

We’re on your cycle shop’s side!

So check out our pricing. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. And you’ll probably think there’s a catch. But there isn’t.


You could continue to use free social media to try and increase loyalty. But truth be told, it’s like riding a mountain bike uphill, backwards.

Or you could opt for a Bay Marketing Co web design package and market to three channels from a single point, your website.

When you start building out your website you’re investing in your own cycle shop’s long term success, because a website is your pride and joy and the content on it belongs to you.

Book a consultation to see how we can help you sell more bikes. You won’t regret it.

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