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Whether they’re moving into a pas de beurre wearing a tutu or wearing baggy pants; whether they’re in a plie stance or about to releve; or whether they’re ready for Strictly Come Dancing or simply want to sokkie; your dance studio is the place for them.

But how can you get more people to sign up at your studio?

Are you missing out on dance clients?

Perhaps you post dance pics and dance memes to a Facebook page.

Perhaps you share dance events to Facebook.

And people like and share your dance-inspired posts.

Maybe you have a website too, but like the Macarena it’s become a stale, best-forgotten void not really useful for serving the greater good of dance-kind.

But just because a website doesn’t work, doesn’t mean it can’t work.

Perhaps it’s time you got a website geared towards getting you more dance students.

What can a dance studio do with a website?

You should have contact details and a map of your studio’s location on your website.

You can also add some background information about yourself, so people can see your qualifications, which helps build trust. People would want to take dance lessons from a dance pro, after all, not someone who doesn’t know their freestyle from their saute.

But if you want your dance studio’s website to shine, keep it updated with fresh content.

This can take the form of pics of your ladies and gents getting their groove on. It can be in the form of a series of dancing tips. It can be in the form of event information.

The more content you add, the better your website looks, the more you look like a pro and the more traffic you’ll drive to it.

You might think, “Facebook lets me do that already. Why bother with a website?”

Read on to see why a website is potentially far better for getting more dance students than Facebook.

Automatic sharing

My website package comes with automatic sharing.

It’s a great way to get your content shared to Facebook and with email subscribers without you lifting a finger.

It lets you get on with focusing on keeping your website updated with dance news, dance tips and event info.

Actually, it lets you get on with even more important things than that, which is getting down to the funky beat.

Email marketing

Email is still one of the most powerful marketing platforms, despite it being as old as a Fred Astaire dance movie. OK, not quite, but you get the picture.

That’s because people who give you their email address are agreeing to getting your content at a place they consider sacred: their email inbox.

It’s a much deeper commitment than them sharing or liking your stuff on Facebook.

I set up an email newsletter system that allows you to add up to 500 subscribers for a start.

I also add a signup box to your website where website visitors can add their names and email addresses, which automatically adds them to your newsletter.

Then, whenever you add a new piece of news to your website, like your latest dance class or one of your students who won a dance comp, it’s sent out via email. Subscribers who receive the email click through to your website where they can read and you can sell them on a dance class.

Email is better than Facebook because there are no distractions from anyone else. It’s your content alone.

Search engine marketing

Google can be an amazing source of traffic for your dance studio.

Here are some of the searches people perform in the dance niche:

  • dance studio near me
  • dance classes near me for adults
  • children’s dance classes near me
  • dance classes near me for adults with fees
  • dance class near me for child
  • dance class near me for ladies
  • dance classes near me for ladies
  • dance class near me for adults with fees
  • latin dance classes for adults near me
  • hip hop dance studio near me
  • drop in hip hop classes near me
  • boy hip hop dance classes near me
  • hip hop dance classes for beginners
  • beginner hip hop dance classes near me for adults
  • hip hop dance classes for teenage beginners near me
  • hip hop dance classes near me for 11 year olds
  • private hip hop dance lessons near me
  • dance studios near me
  • ballet classes near me
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  • children’s ballet classes near me
  • ballet classes near me for adults
  • ballet classes near me for toddlers
  • ballet schools near me
  • ballet lessons for kids near me
  • ballet for adults near me
  • ballet classes for kids

Are you featuring for any of those?

You could be and if you offer classes in any of those styles, you should be.

If you create content around those topics you’ll start seeing an increase in targeted traffic that’ll convert to more signups at your dance studio.

Not one for creating content? Hire me to do it. Simply send me the pics and some details about what you’d like to share with the world and I’ll create killer content around it.

Learn more about my story telling service.

Social media marketing

If you’re not spending money on social media ads you’re not getting the best return on your time marketing on social media platforms.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other platforms like it are advertising businesses. They’ll give top spot to advertisers who pay them.

You should be building your own website, not someone else’s.

I have a solution that lets the latest articles you post to your website be shared to your Facebook page automatically.

Whether you’re posting a dance picture or dance event information or introducing a new dance class, all you have to do is add it to your website.

That means you have one less thing to worry about, which means you have more time for jumping, spinning and jiving.

But the beauty of the automatic social sharing option is that you can use the automatically shared content in paid advertising campaigns too.


A dance studio with a Gmail or Yahoo address probably won’t upset people. They’ll know you’re not in the business of marketing; you’re in the business of making people move.

But if you want to set up professional email addresses connected to your domain name, my web design package allows you to do just that.

And you may set up as many email addresses as you wish, your hosting package size being the only limit.

And if you set up your emails using POP you won’t have to worry about using hosting space.


Your dance studio website comes with Google Analytics installed.

This gives you an invaluable look at the traffic that comes to your website.

But you also get a weekly email report that shares data like which keywords brought visitors to your site, where they’re from and which pages they visited.

Your website also contains a search box that records what people who use it search for.

How does that help?

Say for instance you’ve been focusing on getting the word out on ballet classes for girls below 9, but you see people are searching for hip hop classes for over elevens.

That insight gives you the opportunity to tune your dance studio’s marketing to be more market oriented.

Mobile friendly

Your dance studio website will look great on any size screen, whether people view it on desktop, tablet or mobile.

It’s frustrating to visit a website that’s not mobile friendly. You have to squint, squeeze your screen and zoom all the time.

You want people to take action when they come to your website. You want them to book a dance session. Or you want them to view a map of your location.

A mobile-friendly website makes that easy.


You won’t pay the price of this seriously expensive fountain pen.

Or you might. It really depends on what you require.

I’m not cheap, though.

You get a seriously good website that’s more than a website. It’s really a lead generator with the ability to drive traffic for a long time.

It’s not “social media guru” marketing nonsense.


You’ll find many potential dance students on Facebook. You might even inspire them enough on Instagram to make contact with you.

And if you have a little static website with some background info and contact details people will contact you for more info about your dance classes.

But if you choose my marketing package you’ll be able to reach more people from a single place where you’ve got full creative control over the brand and message you’d like to portray to potential dancers.

Book a consultation today.

Grow your business!

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