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Employment agencies

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Disclosure: some links in this article are monetized affiliate links. I earn commission from them, but at no additional cost to you.

Table of Contents

With unions on one hand hacking into our country’s economy and the government fiercely battling for the whole pie on the other hand they’re making it more and more difficult for good employers to get good employment without the hangups.

In fact, if not for you, the last vestiges of common sense would disappear from the market place, because you grant employees the only sensible approach to employing people in our country.

But do enough employers know about you? Wouldn’t it be great to get more businesses on board with your labour brokerage approach?

Are you missing out on clients?

Perhaps you’re a zealous supporter of building other people’s businesses for them for free.

In other words, maybe you love posting to Facebook and getting shares and likes.

And perhaps you pat yourself on the back for your achievements.

But have you ever asked what those likes and shares are worth?

Or perhaps you have a website. But instead of it bringing you more business it just sits there like a lazy vagabond in the shade, and won’t be persuaded to lift a finger.

Maybe it’s time to get a proper website.

What can an employment agency do with a website?

A good website will display your contact details, of course. It will also have a map showing your office location, should employers and employees want to meet with you regarding your labour solutions.

But you could plug your website into your marketing framework by adding relevant, timely content to it.

In fact, you could even use it to advertise job openings on behalf of employers.

You could also use it to attract the attention of the job-seeking workforce by writing articles about your industry that’ll make them see you’re the perfect agency to represent them.

For instance, if you know of pitfalls associated with belonging to a union, you could write articles to make people aware of them.

That’s just one example. If you put your hand to it you’ll be able to create a near endless stream of irresistible content the likes of which will establish you as an authority in the field of employment.

Automatic sharing

One way to not waste time on social media is to automate sharing to your Facebook page.

If you opt for this technique you don’t have to share it yourself.

You keep adding great articles to your website to establish yourself as an authority and to keep reminding people of your service and those articles are shared to your page without you lifting a finger.

Even greater is the automatic email subscriber sharing. Read on to learn more about that.

Email marketing

Email is still one of the best ways to reach prospects and customers.

When someone likes or shares your content on Facebook, what level of commitment does it require?

Not much.

In fact, some (if not most) likes and shares mean absolutely nothing because you receive them from people who feel they’re helping you out.

But getting a like or a share from someone who in their life will never walk through your door for the purpose of business is worthless.

But if someone gives you their email address they’re letting you into their sacred space where they don’t just let anyone in.

And whenever you add content to your website those people receive a beautiful email with a link to your website, and if they click through you can get them to take an action of your choice.

Search engine marketing

If your website is up to scratch you can drive more traffic to it than to a COSATU rally.

Here are some of the searches performed in the employment niche:

  • employment agencies
  • list of recruitment agencies in my region
  • free recruitment agencies
  • list of recruitment agencies
  • recruitment agencies
  • recruitment agency near me
  • list of recruitment agencies in johannesburg
  • recruitment agencies in south africa
  • find a job online
  • job search gauteng
  • apply online jobs hiring now
  • best job sites in south africa
  • job mail
  • careerjunction
  • careers 24
  • careers24 jobs
  • find a job near me
  • think local jobs jeffreys bay
  • no experience jobs
  • jobs near me
  • gumtree jobs
  • jobs gumtree
  • hospitality jobs
  • pnet

Those are just some of the searches.

You might object by saying you’re not Gumtree or Pnet or Career Junction or Careers24, and you’re not in Gauteng.

But you mustn’t miss the traffic opportunities from those search terms.

You don’t have to be Pnet or Gumtree to write about them.

Think about it: if you know of potential pitfalls people face when they apply for jobs online, or try to get labour from places like Gumtree, you can write an article or series of articles and tackle the issue head-on.

By doing so you’re increasing your chances of featuring in Google AND you’re setting yourself up as a trusted source of labour.

Your articles should drive traffic for years to come.

Social media marketing

if you’re not paying for social media ads you’re wasting your time.

You’ll tell me that you’re getting all those likes and shares.

But the reality is that likes and shares don’t put bread on the table.

At least, not the way they would if you were running paid social media ads.

The reason for that is that Facebook is an advertising business. They sell premium ad space and if you don’t pay you won’t get preference.

With our social media marketing solution you keep adding content to your website, where you have website visitors’ undivided attention.

That content is shared to your Facebook page automatically. When it pops up in someone’s feed and they click on the ad, it takes them to your website, where you’re the boss.

That way you’re not wasting your time on something that has a low return on investment.

Should you wish to run paid ad campaigns, it can be arranged.

But the point should always be to get people off Facebook and onto your website.


An employment agency using Gmail or Yahoo accounts look dodgy, to say the least.

If you want to build trust you need email addresses connected to your domain name.

With a Bay Marketing Co web design package you may set up as many email addresses as you wish, your package size being the only limit.

And you can even set up your emails using POP, which means you won’t run out of server space.


Your website comes with Google Analytics, which allows you to see how people got to your website and which pages they used.

Your website also has a search box that records what people who use it search for. That’s a great way to align your business with what the market is after.

Mobile friendly

Your website will look great on any size screen, whether desktop, tablet or mobile.

You don’t want busy business owners to land on your website and force them to squint to see your offerings.


You won’t pay the price of this Boss high back executive office chair (affiliate link) for your website.

We keep our prices low (people hate the word, but cheap comes to mind) so businesses have a good opportunity to reach a higher level with their online marketing.

And our pricing is modular, so you can pick and choose what you want and leave out what you don’t need.


You’ll get enquiries from Facebook and other social media platforms. You might get quite a lot.

But you’re missing out on more leads by not using a website that’s geared towards helping you reach prospects through at least two other channels.

If you’re serious about getting quality leads for your employment agency, book a consultation with Bay Marketing Co today.

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