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Disclosure: some links in this article are monetized affiliate links. I earn commission from them, but at no additional cost to you.

Table of Contents

You do one of two things, or both: you keep the unwanted out and the wanted in.

You supply a wide range of gates and fences, from budget conscious options to top-of-the-line.

And whether you’re installing palisade fencing, diamond mesh fencing, site fencing, pet control fencing or a steel gate for a residential client, your work is always of the highest standards.

And you’re always willing to share your knowledge with clients to help them make the right decision when it comes to the security of their loved ones.

But are you reaching as many prospects as you can with your gating and fencing products?

Wouldn’t you like to reach more people with your fantastic fencing?

Are you missing out on clients?

Maybe you’re a fan of Facebook and you love to share your latest fencing feats with followers.

And you seem to get the likes and shares.

But have you ever wondered what those likes and shares are worth, other than simply boosting your ego?

Think about it.

Every time you get a like, it’s not as if the liker is transferring money into your account.

And how much effort does it really take to like or share something?

Not much.

If you’re happy with likes and shares, you might as well be happy with using plastic shopping bags for building fences with.

It’s time you get a professional website for your fencing business; a site that lets you market to more people.

What can you do with your fence website?

When you get yourself a Bay Marketing Co website, you’re getting a place where you can add articles.

Before you groan, listen…

One of the best ways to market online is to get more content ON YOUR OWN WEBSITE.

Not on Facebook.

And a website from us allows you to do that.

Let’s create a scenario.

Let’s say you’ve just completed a razor tape fence installation.

Your current workflow looks like this: you take pics as the project goes on and post it to your personal Facebook profile, or if you’re a little more professional, to your Facebook page.

But now, if you change your strategy a little, you can reach more people by posting the project to your own website.

And you can make your project article as long or short as you want.

Add a title, a main image, an excerpt and some text explaining what you built and you’ve got an article on your website!

If you can create a Facebook post you can create a fencing project article on your own website.

Automatic sharing

Should you opt for the automatic posting option your articles are shared to your Facebook page and email newsletter subscribers automatically (a little more on both, later).

Here’s why this is important.

Sometimes you forget to share stuff to Facebook. And quite frankly, since free social media marketing shows a low return on investment, this isn’t a train smash.

But if you don’t have to expend any energy on getting your website content shared to Facebook, why not use it?

Furthermore, creating a manual email newsletter is a drag, even if you’re using the finest email newsletter creation software on the planet.

So wouldn’t it be great if you could set up your website to send out a newsletter every time you add a new article?

It requires no extra work!

Email marketing

Email is a fantastic way to reach fans with your fencing and gating.

Earlier on in the article we established that likes and shares are low level commitments.

They’re much too easy to do and they fuel your ego, not your wallet.

But when someone gives you their email address they’re saying they want to see your future gating and fencing work.

You’re given access to one of their sacred spaces: their email inbox!

We set up a newsletter system for you that allows you to add up to 500 subscribers for free.

We also add a signup form to your website where website visitors can add their names and email addresses. This adds them to your system automatically.

Search engine marketing

When last did you perform a Google search with search words used in your industry?

Here are some of the keywords people looking for you use on Google:

  • Access control systems
  • CCTV systems
  • Double gates
  • Electric fencing
  • Field and game fencing
  • Post and rail fencing
  • Sliding gates
  • Tennis court fencing
  • Wall top spikes
  • Welded mesh fencing
  • Wire mesh fencing
  • Wrought iron work

Are you featuring for any of those search phrases?

You should be, if you supply those products.

Social media marketing

Do you build your fences with water?

I mean, do you have your guys stand there with bucket of water, dumping them in one spot, hoping the water will somehow start layering to form a weird liquid barrier?

That sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

But if your online marketing strategy involves you posting to Facebook (and not boosting or paying for placement), you’re building a water fence.

You’re expending a lot of energy on something really stupid.

Facebook is a business. There’s no way they’ll give your posts better placing over your competition, if your competition’s paying for their placements.

If you don’t have money to pay for Facebook ads, you shouldn’t be spending much time on the platform.

The best you can do is automate your social media marketing.

If you choose the automated social media marketing option fencing projects you add to your website are shared to your Facebook page.

You set and forget.


A fencing and gating company that doesn’t make use of email addresses tied to their own domain name looks unprofessional and dodgy.

Why would people trust you if you can’t even get something like an email address that looks better than a Gmail or Outlook email address?


Your fencing website comes with Google Analytics to which you have access, should you wish.

But you can also opt for the beautiful weekly report that sends out to your email and shares data like which keywords brought website visitors to your site, where they’re from and which pages they used.

It also shares some rudimentary social media metrics.

Your website is also geared to record searches done on it. This is a powerful way to see what people visiting your site are looking for.

Mobile friendly

Your fencing website will look great on any type of screen: tablet, desktop or mobile.

You might irritate and lose website visitors if you force them to pinch and zoom when they’re visiting your website from their mobile phone.

But if you give them a mobile friendly website you make it easy for them to connect with you.


A fencing website with all of the above functionality surely must cost the price of a Festool 5″ random orbit sander (affiliate link), right?

But that’s not the case.

We’d love for your gating and fencing company to burst out of its seams.

Because if you grow, we grow.

So we keep our prices so low that one client asked us to increase it.

Because it seems there must be a catch.

But there isn’t.


If you’re not using a great website for marketing your fencing business, you’re losing out on a lot of inquiries.

With a Bay Marketing Co website you could be reaching people through three marketing channels from a single place.

And you don’t have to worry about competing against a bunch of Facebook junk. When someone visits your website, they’re yours for the taking.

Get a Bay Marketing Co marketing package today and start marketing to more people with less effort.

Book a consultation for more info.

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