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Gun shops

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Disclosure: some links in this article are monetized affiliate links. I earn commission from them, but at no additional cost to you.

Table of Contents

Your shop is more than just a display room for guns.

It’s a reputable venue where you, the proprietor, are respected for your knowledge about all types of firearms.

People know that when they visit your store they deal with a professional who’s not callous and careless about something that’s dangerous and even potentially life-threatening.

But they also know your products can help them have a great time outdoors.

That said, are you getting enough people through your door? Do enough gun lovers know what services you offer, what type of firearms you carry and how you can help them hunt better or protect themselves better?

Are you missing out on clients?

Are you a consummate Facebook user, forever liking and sharing people’s posts? Perhaps you share gun and hunting memes. Maybe you create fliers for your products and specials and share it to your gun shop’s business page.

But what are those likes and shares worth?

Are they converting to cold hard cash? Are they affecting your bottom line positively?

Perhaps you own a website.

Perhaps it’s even a stylish-looking website.

But you don’t use it. Like a fake prop gun it just sits there; it’s nice to look at but not much use.

What can a gun shop owner do with a website?

A great website will help you market your goods to people who want to know more about your products.

First of all, since your shop is a walk-in, you’d want people to find it. You’d add your contact details and a map showing your location.

But if you’re serious about growing your website’s traffic and getting more people interested in your firearms you’ll also share products to it, just like you would to Facebook.

But sharing your products to your own website is much better than sharing it to Facebook, since your website doesn’t allow other people to share to it. Therefore, you have someone’s full attention when they land on your website.

And it’s not difficult to share your latest products or news to your website. If you can create a Facebook post you can create a website post.

To further help people and search engines better understand your website you could categorise your information into taxonomies that make sense for your niche.

For instance, you could create a category called “Handguns”, create a post every week about handguns and add it to that category.

Later in this article you’ll see a powerful tool to help you understand what people do when they land on your website and how you can use that tool to help you know which content you should be adding to your website.

Automatic sharing

If you’re serious about marketing you don’t want to spend time navel gazing; in other words, wasting time on periphery things.

When you add new content to your website, manually sharing it to your social media channels and with email newsletter subscribers takes too much time. It’s periphery things that take up too much time.

And sometimes you even forget to share your latest news.

If you choose the automatic sharing option you don’t have to worry about sharing to social media or with email subscribers.

All you do is keep adding great content to your website. Just keep adding articles about your weapons and gear to your website and the sharing’s taken care of.

Email marketing

There’s hardly a better way to let people know about your latest hunting rifle than via email.

But to create newsletters every week is a drain of time and grey matter.

If you opt for the email marketing option we give you an email newsletter system to which you may add up to 500 subscribers.

We set up a sign up form on your website. When someone visits your site and decides they want to hear from you again they can sign up for your newsletter. When they add their name and email address it’s automatically added to your newsletter system.

And the next time you add something new to your website in the form of news or a product update they receive a beautiful, professional-looking, legal email from which they can click through to your website to see your news or product.

Search engine marketing

Search engines will provide your ammo shop with some of the best traffic you’ll ever receive.

That’s because the mindset of someone searching Google is slightly different from when they’re playing around on Facebook.

They might already be in buy gear by the time they ask Google for a gun shop near them.

But are you featuring in Google at all?

Here are some of the searches people perform to find gun shops and munitions:

  • gun shop
  • gun shop near me
  • buy rifle safe
  • sabs approved gun safes
  • gun safe makro
  • rifle safe prices
  • gun safe for sale by owner
  • 3 rifle safe
  • rifle safes
  • rifle safe locks
  • gun safes sa
  • buy 308
  • hunting rifles specials south africa
  • 308 jaggeweer te koop
  • safari outdoor
  • best 308 hunting rifle south africa
  • safari outdoor cradlestone
  • habitat africa
  • 308 rifle howa
  • howa rifles
  • buy 9mm
  • buy pistol
  • buy womens firearms
  • woman concealing guns
  • female gun reviews
  • pretty guns
  • 9 mm gun
  • little gun
  • female gun models
  • purse size handguns
  • safest handgun to carry loaded

Are you featuring for any of those search terms?

And don’t think you must carry a specific brand to mention it on your website.

For instance, if you sell a competitor to Howa and you know your brand is better (whether that’s true or not is not the point of this argument) you could write a series of articles highlighting the differences between your brand 308 and a Howa 308.

Or perhaps you’re looking to range a bigger stock of guns small enough to be discreetly carried by ladies. Then you could write a number of articles about your latest purse-sized handguns you’ve recently made available for sale.

Social media marketing

People love social media. I’m not sure why, but they do.

And people make the mistake of equating likes and shares to valuable currency, which it isn’t.

If you run a firearms shop I suspect you carry much common sense just above your shoulders.

So you won’t fall for what’s know in the industry as vanity metrics: likes and shares.

You’ll want to see real results for your marketing efforts; you’ll want to see people contacting you or visiting your store and buying from you.

The best way to market with social media is to pay for your ads. If you’re not paying, Facebook won’t give you prime positioning. (They’re a business and they sell ad space, after all.)

The second best thing you can do is to automate your sharing to social media.

If you opt for this, you keep adding content to your website and that content is shared to your Facebook page automatically.

You don’t have to stress about keeping your page up to date.

The wonderful thing about doing things this way is that you force people to click through to your website if they want to find out more about your offering.


A gun shop with a Yahoo or Gmail address probably looks quite cool. If you have a Gmail or Yahoo email address people probably think you’re not interested in fluff; you just want to excel at serving your customers better.

But with one of our web design packages you can set up as many email addresses as you want, should you wish.

The only limit would be your hosting package size. But if you set up your email using POP you won’t even have to worry about using your server space.


Your gun shop website comes with Google Analytics installed.

And you may access your analytics any time you wish.

But you could opt for a weekly report that shares which keywords brought people to your website, where they’re from and which pages they used.

Your site also contains a search box that records what people search for, which is phenomenal in helping you become market oriented.

Mobile friendly

Your arms site will look great on any size screen.

You don’t want people visiting your site to have to squint, pinch and zoom to make out your latest weapon or to read your tips on rifle maintenance.


You’d think a gun shop website with all of the above functionality would set you back the price of a Fallkniven fixed blade hunting knife (affiliate link), but that’s not the case.

We keep our prices low so people can get back to common sense marketing that allows them to reach more people without having to do more work.


You could post your rifles, revolvers, pistols and archery equipment to Facebook. You’ll get your sales.

You could even remain happy with a website that’s as useful as a toy gun.

Or you could book a consultation, get yourself a Bay Marketing Co package¬†and start marketing to more people from a place where you’re the boss, and consequently see more traffic and more leads.

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