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Disclosure: some links in this article are monetized affiliate links. I earn commission from them, but at no additional cost to you.

Table of Contents

Some of them come in before their day begins, others after a long hard day at the office.

It gives you great joy to see people using your gym to help them reach their bodily peak.

As long as they come, you’re happy.

But how can you get more flabs to fix themselves to your formula for physical fruition? In other words, how do you get more people to join your gym?

Are you missing out on members?

Maybe you’re one of those Facebook busybodies, forever posting fitness memes, counting likes and shares even more than you count calories.

But what are your likes and shares worth? Are they converting to more signups?

Or are people liking and sharing your stuff out of kindness, so you don’t feel left out and lonely.

Perhaps you have a website, but like a treadmill bought on Gumtree it just sits there, unused, unloved and unable to perform a full rep, never mind a full set.

What can a gym do with a website?

Why, your gym could shine with a proper website.

But first, people must be able to find your gym in the real world and online.

As far as making it easier to find your gym’s location goes, your website should contain contact details easily visible on all pages.

It should also contain a map to show newcomers to your town where they can go to beast it up.

But you could use your website for marketing too.

In fact, you could turn your website into a buff freak that inspires people to take action.

Here’s what you could do to drive more traffic to your website: consistently add quality content to your website.

Quality content takes the form of long articles, blurbs about bodybuilding videos you came across or inspirational memes.

Once you realise how quality content can make your gym look like it’s on steroids, you can go over into action.


By setting up a content structure on your site that makes sense.

Do that by creating categories like “Fitness Advice”, “Upper body”, “Arms”, “Legs”, etc.

Then set up an editorial calendar for your site that corresponds to your categories.

Now start outlining what you’ll regularly post about. It doesn’t matter if you post other things in-between as you find inspiration in whatever way, but stick to an editorial calendar that lets you bulk up your website into a solid, attention-grabbing medium.

Before you know it people will look to you as an expert in the field of workouts and bodybuilding and they’ll want more.

Like working out at your gym, it’s a simple formula. Hard work, yes, but worth the effort.

Automatic sharing

If you’d like to spend time on more important things, instead of sharing your website posts to social media and via email, opt for the automatic sharing functionality.

This lets you focus on turning your website into a freak, not on wasting time by sharing stuff with followers.

It’s simple: activate automatic sharing and whenever you add a new piece of content to your website it’s shared to your Facebook page and with email newsletter subscribers.

It’s like set-and-forget sharing.

Email marketing

Email is a monster, and it doesn’t have the body fat social media has.

It’s you and the person to whom you sent the email.

When that person opens your email you alone have their attention, unlike with social media, where you have to compete with other gyms, supplements, someone’s cute niece and kittens.

That’s what makes email marketing more than worth pursuing.

We set up a newsletter system to which you may add up to 500 subscribers.

We also add a signup box to your website where website visitors can add their names and email addresses, after which they’re automatically added to your newsletter.

Whenever you add some content to your website it’s sent out in a beautiful newsletter with a link back to your website.

It’s all legal, of course. If someone no longer wants to receive your mighty gym news they simply unsubscribe.

Search engine marketing

Who’s the biggest boy in your gym?

Google, of course.

This giant can send you more traffic than a double-lane highway in Los Angeles.

Here are some of the searches people do in your niche:

  • gym near me
  • fitness near me
  • gym workout plan for women
  • female bodybuilding workout plan
  • bodybuilding workout plan
  • workout routine for women
  • gym workout routine
  • weight loss plan for women
  • weight loss plan for men
  • gym workout plan
  • workout routine for women at home

Are you featuring for any of those?

You could be.

You might think, “but we want people to join our gym, not work out at home.”

But don’t miss the traffic opportunities in those search terms.

Instead of thinking, “we don’t do that,” turn your thinking into, “how can I use that to my advantage?”

Why not write an article about the importance of working out with other people, as opposed to working out at home?

Or make it a series of articles explaining the benefits of joining your gym. Of course, you need a clear call to action and maybe even a discount coupon for women who prefer to work out at home.

The point is, you can turn a negative into a positive for your gym if you’re smart about online marketing.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is often driven by nothing more than bro science.

If you’re counting on Facebook’s free marketing you’re employing cheap reps. It looks good but it’s not worth much.

If likes and shares get your eyes all googly I’m probably wasting my time explaining to you the importance of a website.

But I’m trusting you’ve got some common sense and don’t fall for vanity metrics like many people do.

The only way to really score big with social media is to pay for your ads.

Facebook is an advertising business. They’re not worth billions because they give away ad space; they’re worth their price tag because they sell premium ad space.

The next best thing, if budget is an issue, is to post stuff to your Facebook page automatically.

If you opt for the social media marketing addon, we set up your website to share your latest news to your Facebook business page automatically.

That leaves you to focus on bulking up your website more. The sharing’s taken care of.


Unless you run a home gym catering only to friends and family, a Gmail or Yahoo email doesn’t look professional.

I can’t imagine Virgin Active or Planet Fitness owners and employees using generic email addresses like that. It’ll look ridiculous.

Our web design package lets you set up as many email addresses as you please, your hosting package size being the only limit.

And if you set up your email addresses using POP you don’t even have to worry about wasting hosting space.


Your gym website comes with Google Analytics installed.

But if you want a seriously useful overview, opt for the weekly report.

This sends out a report with important info like which keywords brought people to your site and which pages they used.

Your website also contains a search box that records what people who use it search for, making it an invaluable tool for tuning your marketing to be in line with what the market wants.

Mobile friendly

Your gym site will look great on any size screen, like 80s Arnie on a video cassette box for Terminator or Predator.

You don’t want people to struggle to read your content when they get to your website.


It won’t cost you the price of this sweet IRON COMPANY pro dumbbell set (affiliate link) to get yourself a web design package that’s geared towards more than just looking nice.

(Keep your arm and your leg; you’ll need it to lift.)

We keep our prices low so you can join a group of people who approach their online marketing with common sense, not falling for every whim and fancy that comes along to sweep the masses into hysteria and then disappears like a newbie who dropped out after one session.


You can use Facebook for all your marketing efforts. It’s like you doing all the lifting, but someone else getting the gains.

You could even be happy with your little website that’s not even able to lift a 2.5kg weight.

Or you could book a consultation, get yourself a Bay Marketing Co marketing package that’s geared towards helping you reach more people from a single point, without the extra lifting.

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