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Disclosure: some links in this article are monetized affiliate links. I earn commission from them, but at no additional cost to you.

Table of Contents

You LOVE working with hair and you’re active on Facebook, forever posting your latest work and specials to followers.

Your social media marketing efforts seem to work, but what about the other channels you’re leaving on the table untouched?

Are you missing out on clients?

Because you’re not using a website, the best Google can do is list your Facebook posts in its search results when people search “hair salon”, “hairdresser”, “hair stylist” or “barber”.

And Facebook posts don’t always look professional when they pop up for a search engine search.

You want every bit of your online presence to shine like a hairdo in a Pantene ad.

That’s why Bay Marketing Co offers beautiful, funky and practical websites for people who love to work with hair.

What can you do with your hair salon website?

Your website lets you post latest news, specials and your best work, all from a single place.

And it’s easy to do. Log in, create a new post, add a picture (or a gallery of pictures) of that stunning new hairdo and click the Publish button.

Say for instance you’ve just finished doing a perm for one of your regular clients and you realise you’d like to get more clients through the door for perms.

Here’s a sterling idea…

Write a few articles about the perm, how it changed the world, why it’s a wonderful style and how it’s beneficial to have.

Or perhaps you receive a new shampoo one of your suppliers would like you to try.

You could create a promo around this shampoo which includes a free hair wash! Post it to your website and while you’re at it, get people to sign up for your free newsletter!

But you can do even more…

Automatic sharing

We can set up your website in such a way that, whenever you share a new hairstyling tip, your latest happy client or a hair salon special, it’s posted to your Facebook page automatically.

But it’s better than creating a Facebook post directly.

Here’s why…

When you post an article (special, hairdo tip, promo) to your Facebook page, you’re competing against a bunch of other things.

But when you post it to your website and it’s automatically sent to your Facebook page, you’re forcing people to visit your website through that link.

That means you get them away from the distractions to a place where your handiwork can be admired!

This is your time to shine!

Email marketing

One of the best ways to get more fans is to build your newsletter list.

It’s one thing to get plenty of likes and shares for your salon, it’s a step up to see people sign up for your email newsletter.

Someone who signs up for your newsletter shows a higher level of commitment. It’s like they’re saying, “I’m interested in your hair work (and would like to receive a promo every now and then); keep me up to date please!”

Bay Marketing Co sets up an email newsletter to which you can add up to 500 subscribers for free.

Then we set up a form on your website where people can sign up.

If you give your readers great articles you’ll build a list of fans who REALLY love you!

Search engine marketing

Because your website is search engine optimised, Google will love it!

We set up your website to perform as well as it can on Google. All that’s needed is your special touch.

Just like you work your magic on your clients’ hair, your website needs your careful care and attention.

And if you give it that, you’ll see it blossom.

And if your website blossoms, Google will like it more.

It’s like a husband whose wife just had her hair done at your place.

You know your work’s going to rev his motor, so that’s one more success story for you!

Social media marketing

Remember, you don’t lift a finger to do social media marketing.

You simply post a new article to your website and it’s sent to your Facebook page automatically.

What does it send? It sends a link with your article’s main image, so it looks professional.

Best of all, it gets people off Facebook and onto your website where your content is the only content they see.


It looks oh so professional to communicate from an email address that’s connected to your domain name.

With a Bay Marketing Co web design package you can set up as many email addresses as you need for your hair salon, your space being the only limit.


You need to see how people get to your website and which pages are performing best.

That’s why your website comes installed with Google Analytics.

But you can take it a step further by opting for a weekly report that’s emailed to you.

This report gives you an overview of which search words brought them to your website and which pages they visited.

It also gives you a social media overview.

Mobile friendly

Of course your website is mobile friendly!

You don’t want a visitor to pinch and zoom to see your magnificent hair work. They must glide through your site (and into your salon!) with the greatest of ease.


You’d expect to pay a pretty penny for a hair salon web design, but Bay Marketing Co’s websites cost a pittance, even though they’re worth many rands.

You pay a small setup fee and a miniscule monthly hosting fee and you get a host of benefits in return.

Some of the benefits you won’t even be aware of, like the fact that we keep your website running smoothly in the background, or that we host your images off-site so you get more space to write articles.


Yes, social media seems to be working for your hair salon.

But why leave two other channels, search engines and emails, on the table?

With a Bay Marketing Co website, your hair salon business won’t just look more professional, it’ll also give you an opportunity to reach more people through more channels, and that, for a song.

Get your website now, look more professional and start speaking to a wider audience.

Book a consultation and let’s discuss dollying up your online presence and sending you more clients.

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