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Disclosure: some links in this article are monetized affiliate links. I earn commission from them, but at no additional cost to you.

Table of Contents

You love spreading the word for other people.

It’s in your genes to hype up a storm around whatever it is you’ve been commissioned to market. You’re the next Gary V.

But what if you could be getting more happy clients out your door?

Are you missing out on clients?

Are you convinced that social media is the king of marketing platforms?

That the elusive “viral” post is the cure for all marketing woes and if you can string those in you’ll be the happiest marketer in the world?

Perhaps you breathe likes and shares.

You love the love your clients get through your love.

But what if you could extend your powerful reach beyond social media and get access to two more channels?

It starts with a good website.

What can you do with your marketing website?

First of all, a website builds trust.

Any monkey can create a Facebook page or ten. To get a professional website built takes a higher level of effort and commitment, especially if it’s an optimised website that’s not afraid to share your contact details and business background.

But the more thrilling thing about a website is that it makes you look like a pro.

You might be a pro or you might not. A good website with good content consistently added makes you look like one.

Let’s say you’re an expert marketer.

Great. How do you think people will find out about you?

Yes, social media.

But a website is another powerful channel for you to make known to prospects that you’re the right marketer for the job.

If you’re an expert on billboards, share information about billboard marketing.

Know a thing or two about paid social media marketing? Let the world know you’re an expert.

The President of print ads? There are people out there in need of your service.

And if you’re a Master of Many marketing channels, categorise your information so humans and search engines can digest it easier. This adds to making you look like the pro you are.

Automatic sharing

One of the main features of a Bay Marketing Co website is the automation behind your marketing efforts.

If you opt for the automated marketing functionality it slices a chunk of tedious to-dos from your calendar, leaving you with a sliver of time you can use for other important marketing actions.

You keep posting new articles to your website and the auto-pilot sharing option takes care of the rest.

Read on to see how your email and social media is automated.

Email marketing

I’m not sure if you know this (you should), but email marketing is still one of the most powerful marketing channels.

If you’re not using email, here’s the perfect opportunity for you to jump aboard.

But creating email newsletters manually is not exactly a jaunt. It takes effort and costs time.

But with our automated email marketing, your email newsletter builds itself.

Your main concern is to keep adding content to your website.

Whenever you add a new marketing gem to your site in the form of a well-written article, newsletter subscribers receive a beautiful update with the main image for the article as well as an excerpt of text.

The newsletter also contains your logo, making it fit perfectly with your brand.

You’re allowed to add up to 500 subscribers for free and we stick a page on your website where visitors can add their names and email addresses should they wish to sign up for your awesomeness.

Search engine marketing

I know many people think search engines aren’t as powerful a marketing channel as social media.

I like to think of search engines as more powerful. But that’s just me.

But even if you rate Facebook higher than Google, that doesn’t mean you should ignore the latter.

It’s still a fantastic lead generator.

Let’s take a look at some of the search terms in the marketing niche:

  • marketing packages
  • facebook marketing packages south africa
  • media packages
  • smm packages
  • daily marketing tips
  • marketing tips for startups
  • marketing tip of the day
  • social media marketing packages
  • basic social media marketing package

Are you featuring for any of those?

If not, why not?

Someone else is grabbing your clients!

With a website you can slowly but surely work your way to the top for those and other long tail keywords that’ll bring in client gold.

Social media marketing

As mentioned before, I’m more of a fan of search traffic than social media traffic.

It’s not just personal opinion.

I know from experience that search engine traffic outlasts social media traffic by a many miles.

The best social media marketing takes your prospects off social media and brings them to a place where your content is the only thing they see.

How’s that possible?

With a professional website.

But free social media marketing is a near useless endeavour. If you want success on social media you need to pay.

The next best thing (if you’re cash strapped) is to automate your social media.

If you choose this option it works similar to the automated email setup.

You keep focusing on adding brilliant marketing stuff to your site and it’s shared to your Facebook business page automatically; Twitter too, if you really must.


I can’t imagine anybody trusting a marketer with a Gmail or Yahoo account.

It’s just not professional.

If you insist on using Gmail (I’m a fan), the least you can do with your marketing package is set up email forwarders connected to your domain name.

With our package you may set up as many email addresses as you wish, your hosting space being the only limit.


Your marketing website comes with Google Analytics.

And as you know, having access to website metrics is crucial. So we gladly grant you that.

But you could also opt for the weekly report that shares info like who visited your site, where they’re from, which keywords brought them and which pages they visited.

You’ll also see basic social media metrics.

Mobile friendly

It goes without saying that your website will look great on any size screen: mobile, tablet and desktop.

It’s a terrible thing to come across a non-mobile friendly website on a cellphone; all that pinching and zooming. Eish…


You’d think a marketing website with all of the bells and whistles mentioned above will set you back the price of a Rolex Champagne 18K yellow gold automatic watch (affiliate link).

But that’s not true.

We’re entering tough times and to price ourselves out of the market would be the stupidest thing to do, long term.

So we keep our prices at Black Friday level all year.

That way you’re happy and we’re happy.

Happy happy.


Don’t settle for social media as the only channel you use to market your marketing services.

Get yourself a good-looking website with functionality that lets you reach out to people through three channels.

It’s a great way to get more leads without murdering your budget.

Get a Bay Marketing Co website today.

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