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Music shops

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Disclosure: some links in this article are monetized affiliate links. I earn commission from them, but at no additional cost to you.

Table of Contents

Your shop is a veritable music festival.

Guitars hang in rows against the wall; a drumset patiently sits in a corner; a tiny ukulele is propped up inside a display cabinet; amplifiers stand dotted around the shop; a trumpet and saxophone vie for attention; behind the counter a wall of guitar strings quietly waits for nimble fingers; a display cabinet is filled with music books, tuners, guitar picks, wax, cloth, tools, you name it.

Your shop hums with harmony, but even if dissonance creeps in every now and then you don’t stress.

You simply crank up the volume and soak it in.

And although you’d be more than happy to sit and listen to music or play something on your favourite instrument all day, you need to move stock.

But are you reaching as many prospects as you can?

Are you missing out on clients?

Let me ask you this: are you active on social media? Do you think it’s successful?

All those likes and shares on Facebook, are they converting to cold hard cash?

Perhaps you’re content with vanity metrics (that’s actually what likes and shares are called), but what if you could reach people who want to support you with their money, not just their likes and shares?

What can you do with your music shop website?

When you get a Bay Marketing Co website (which is built on the popular WordPress platform) you can post articles with pictures to it as often as you like.

A website is a great place for you to promote your latest musical instruments.

Say you’ve just received a gorgeous new Yamaha Xeno Artist YTR-9445CHSII Chicago Series C trumpet (affiliate link) and you can’t wait to tell people about it.

Your usual workflow would include taking a picture of it and posting it to Facebook with a small write up.

But if you make a small adjustment in the way you do things, you’ll now post an article to your website about this insane trumpet.

But that’s not all.

You could add categories to your website that suit your niche to really make your website look even better to humans and search engines.

For instance, you could add the following categories:

  • Brass instruments
  • Stringed instruments
  • Woodwind instruments
  • Percussion
  • Keyboards

Then, whenever you receive a new product you can write a small article and publish it to the appropriate category.

Have you any idea how powerful this is for your online profile?

This should resonate with you!

Automatic sharing

This is one of the greatest features of a Bay Marketing Co website setup.

Should you choose the automated marketing setup, your articles are shared to two channels automatically.

In total you’re targeting three, but one (search engine marketing) is yours for the taking even if you don’t opt for the automatic marketing choice.

The two channels you can reach automatically are social media and email.

With this option active, you only worry about publishing articles (with some nice images thrown in) to your website.

You don’t have to do anything else.

Email marketing

On social media you get likes and shares.

But this is low level commitment, like Mick Jagger saying “I do” to a woman.

But when someone gives you their email address their intentions are clear.

They want to hear your sweet melodies of latest news and offers tickle their ears via email!

That’s commitment!

We set up a system to which you can add 500 subscribers for free.

But to help you grow your email list we set up a page on your website where website visitors can pop in their name and email address to sign up.

Search engine marketing

Google is still one of the best ways to find stuff.

People might ask their friends and local community on social media where they can buy a musical instrument, but they’ll head to Google for more information about that instrument and your music store.

Are you showing up for search terms like “buy guitar”, “buy drums, “guitar strings for sale”, “trumpet for sale”, “keyboard repairs”, “music store” or “amplifier repairs”?

If you offer any of those instruments or services, you should.

Your competitor who has a sweet website is receiving all the attention you could have enjoyed!

Social media marketing

Music is social, so social media is an obvious platform to promote your music shop on.

But free social media marketing is worth a cheap plastic stringless guitar.

If you want your musical products to be seen by many people on social media, you’ll pay.

That’s because social media is set up in such a way to give precedence to people who pay for ads.

There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s business.

So if you have a Facebook page, the best thing you can do, if you’re not paying for ads, is to spend as little time on it as possible.

But you don’t want to miss out on traffic from it.

That’s why our social media auto-posting package is ideal.

You keep posting to your website and it’s shared automatically to your Facebook page.


You want to look professional because you are professional.

With our package you set up as many email addresses as you want, the hosting size being the only limit.

It’s much better than using a Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook email address.


We install Google Analytics for you and you may access your reports whenever you wish.

But you can also opt for a weekly report that shares information like which keywords brought people to your website, where they’re from and which pages they visited.

It also shows some basic social media analytics.

Mobile friendly

It goes without saying that your site will look great on mobile, not just desktop browsers.

You want to minimise, or even eliminate, pinching and zooming.


Our websites go for a song!

Seriously though, you’ll be amazed at how affordable a Bay Marketing Co website is.

We’re here to help the small to medium size business grow, not groan.


The one thing you need more of is more feet through your door.

And focusing all your online marketing effort on Facebook might cost you plenty of opportunities.

So get a marketing package from Bay Marketing Co that’s not only affordable, but also lets you reach three major channels from a single point.

Book a consultation for more information.

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