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Panel beaters

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Disclosure: some links in this article are monetized affiliate links. I earn commission from them, but at no additional cost to you.

Table of Contents

What a paradox panel beating seems to be.

It’s a delicate job requiring the hands and eyes of a skilled expert, but it’s done with tools fit for destroying things!

It’s not anybody that can take a dinged up body and restore it to its former glory.

But that’s what you do every day. You take hardcore metal working tools, apply them with precision and reproduce perfect lines.

But are you getting enough panel beating clients through your doors?

Do people understand that you’re one of the top panel beaters in your area?

Are you missing out on clients?

Do you post your panel beating work to your personal Facebook profile? Or do you have a Facebook page to which you regularly post pics of your latest panel beating projects?

You might love the likes your work draws, but does it bring in more clients?

Think about it. Is there a point in receiving a like from Karel in Klipplaat who never leaves his house, doesn’t even have a license, much less a car, and won’t need a panel beater for the next 100 or so years?

Why not invest in a website you’re the boss of and is powerful enough to lure prospective clients from other marketing channels?

What can a panel beater do with a website?

If you get a Bay Marketing Co website you’re opening two additional marketing channels alongside social media:

  • Email
  • Search engines

You’re getting a tool that, much like your body file, box clamps and hammers, gives you something you can use to shape your online presence into what you want it to be.

If you have your own website you can post a new article every time you create another happy client.

Let’s say someone brings in their Datsun Go for a ding repair.

You take some pics when it comes in (the famous before shot) and once the job is complete, another picture (after).

Now you create an article on your website with the before and after pictures, add a title, an excerpt and some text and you’re showing website visitors your proud work.

If you create a Facebook post you can create articles for your website.

If you really want to build trust, add value AND boost your search engine rankings you can start adding how-to articles for people who’d like to know more about DIY maintenance, or which body polish you—an expert in the field—recommend they use on their car.

Automatic sharing

A great way to market to various channels if you don’t have time, is to flip an auto-posting switch.

A Bay Marketing Co website comes with that option which, if activated, shares the amazing body work you post to your website to social media and via email.

This is handy because you’ll often forget to share an article to Facebook. And creating a manual newsletter is a tedious undertaking you’ll soon get sick of.

But with the automatic posting solution all you need to do is keep adding your panel beating successes to your website. The rest is taken care of.

Email marketing

Email is a powerful medium for communication.

Somebody liking or sharing your panel beating work on Facebook doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll turn into a customer.

It’s a low level of commitment. Think about it. It’s a click of a button or press of a finger.

But when someone gives you their email address they’re saying they’re interested in what you have to say.

And they want to keep hearing from you.

We set up a newsletter system for you to which you may add up to 500 subscribers for free.

We also create a page on your panel beating website where website visitors can add their name and email address to sign up for your newsletter.

Your newsletter sends out every time you add an article to your website.

It looks professional and contains a link to your latest articles. The more people you get onto your website, the better for your business.

Search engine marketing

Let’s say you focus mainly on small cars in your auto body repair shop.

If someone performs the following searches on Google…

  • ford fiesta panel beaters
  • toyota tazz panel beaters
  • auto body shop for mazda3
  • nissan micra body repairs
  • panel beater for hyundai atos

…do you feature at all?

Well, your competition who had the sense to get a website is featuring and if he has a good website, he’s getting more clients and you’re missing out.

People will ask their friends, family and local community on Facebook for panel beater recommendations, but they’ll almost certainly search on Google too.

A website gives you a better chance of featuring in search engines, which builds trust.

Social media marketing

Social media is probably the most overrated platform of the day.

Not only is it a time-waster of note, it also doesn’t show much of a return on investment, generally speaking, if you don’t pay for ads.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Facebook, for instance, needs to make money. And the way it makes money is by selling advertising space.

That’s what Facebook is, after all: an ad platform surrounded by people.

If you can’t afford to pay for Facebook ads, the next best thing is to automate your marketing so you don’t waste time on something that shows low return.

If you choose the automatic social media posting option your articles are shared to your Facebook page automatically.


A panel beater shop with a Yahoo or Gmail account doesn’t really shout professionalism.

With your own website you can set up as many email addresses as you wish, your hosting space being the only limit.


Your body shop website comes with Google Analytics which you’re welcome to access when you wish.

But there’s another option: a weekly report that shows you where your website visitors are from, which pages they visited and which search phrases brought them to your website.

Your website also comes with a search function which records what people search if they use it.

This is super handy for knowing what the market is looking for.

Mobile friendly

Your panel beating website looks great on any screen size: tablet, desktop and mobile.

You don’t want people looking for a panel beater to land on your website and be frustrated because it only works on a large desktop screen.


You’d think a website with all of the above functionality costs the price of a Festool 5 inch random orbit sander.

But we’re on your panel beating business’ side.

We want to see your business grow.

So we keep our prices low.

So low you might think there’s a catch. But there isn’t.


You could post your panel beating work to social media and do OK.

Or you could get yourself a professional website and level up your marketing to include two other channels in addition to social media.

You get a great-looking website that works well on any screen size and lets you build a content profile your competition will be jealous of.

Get a Bay Marketing Co marketing package and start upping your online marketing game.

Book a consultation to learn more.

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