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Why would building contractors, carpenters, metal shops or manufacturing factories buy their own plant equipment when they’ll only use it once and leave it standing in a corner gathering dust?

No, it’s far better for them to hire their equipment from you.

But how can you get more clients to contact you for their plant hire needs?

Are you missing out on clients?

Do you advertise your company in the local newspaper or magazine booklet?

Do you post new products to your personal Facebook page or maybe to a professional Facebook business page?

Maybe you share work memes to show your solidarity with companies who feel the (South African) daily grind.

And people like and share your content. They even comment on it and it makes you feel good.

But what are those likes and shares worth? Do they turn into orders?

Maybe you have a little website where you’ve got some contact details and a few pics of the plant equipment you have available for hire. But like a burnt out core drill it’s no good anymore.

Maybe it’s time you got yourself a website that helps you market to more people.

What can a plant hiring company do with a website?

You obviously have a shop you’d like people to visit to fetch their equipment rentals. So you’d want your contact details to be visible on your website, as well as an address and a Google map.

You’d also add some pics of the equipment you have available for hire, as well as some text to explain the products you’re displaying.

But what if I told you you could use your website as a full blown marketing hub?

If you do so it’ll set you apart from the crowd.

How do you do it? By regularly adding fresh content to your website.

Here’s how it works.

Whenever your equipment forms part of a newsworthy project (that can be anything from the completion of a house to the installation of a drainpipe) you could add pics of that project and explain how your equipment helped the project come to fruition.

That way you’re building an online presence that’s hard for Google to ignore.

But don’t worry if creating content isn’t your thing. That’s why I’m here. With my content creation service I can help you create fantastic articles geared towards helping your website perform well in Google, which means you’ll draw more attention to your equipment rental company.

Automatic sharing

It’s a good idea to share your website’s content to your social media channels and with email newsletter subscribers.

But sometimes you forget to share stuff to Facebook, and creating email newsletters is a tedious task.

Why not automate?

That way all you have to focus on is adding content to your website. Whenever you do it’s posted to your Facebook business page and sent out via email.

Read on to learn more.

Email marketing

There’s hardly a better way to market than with email.

That’s because you’re given permission to bother people (with their consent) in one of their only private online havens.

This is vastly different than having your content appear in their Facebook timeline, and much better.

That’s because an email has a longer life than a typical Facebook post.

And you don’t even have to create email newsletters manually.

With my automated email newsletter I set up an email subscription box on your website where website visitors can add their names and email addresses. This automatically adds them to your newsletter.

Whenever you add new content to your website your subscribers receive a good-looking email with a link back to your website.

That drives traffic to your website and this is where you can get them to take an action, like call or email you for pricing on your equipment rental.

Search engine marketing

You’ll receive serious traffic from Google if your website is set up correctly.

These are some of the searches people do when they’re looking for plant hire:

  • plant hire
  • plant hire rates
  • mining plant hire
  • plant hire companies
  • list of plant hire companies
  • construction plant hire companies
  • rent scaffolding
  • scaffolding hire
  • rent core drill
  • drill hire
  • rent a front end loader
  • front end loader hire

Those are just some of the terms and you could be featuring for them.

But don’t stress if you can’t create content. I can help make your website shine with superb, well written content aimed at targeting those keywords.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing only works if you pay for your ads.

I have a solution that lets you post to your Facebook page automatically without you having to waste time sharing it yourself.

It involves adding content to your website from where it’s shared to your Facebook business page automatically.

When you add content to your website, add a picture and some text and it’s sent to Facebook. That shared content contains the image you added and a link back to the content on your website.

It’s sent out at a predetermined time which you may choose.

When people click on the shared link they visit your website.

This is a great thing because your website doesn’t contain all the nonsense found on Facebook. It’s your website, after all, so it’s only your content. You’re in control, which means you get to make more sales without competing against memes and other advertisers.


A plant hire company using Gmail or Yahoo accounts probably won’t be considered unprofessional, as long you give excellent client service.

But if you want branded email addresses you’re welcome to set up as many as you wish.

The only limit is your hosting space, but if you set up your emails using POP you won’t have to worry about wasting storage.


Your plant hire website comes with Google Analytics, which is great for seeing how many visitors your website receives and which pages are most popular.

But Google Analytics is a confusing maze if you don’t know how to use it.

That’s why you get a weekly report, which sends out an email every week and shows you valuable metrics like which keywords brought people to your website and which pages they visited.

Your website also contains a search box that records what people search for.

Say for instance you’ve been pushing your drilling machines, but you notice people searching for generators. You can now act on that information by pushing your generators more.

It’s a great way to align your marketing with what the market wants.

Mobile friendly

Your plant hire website will look great on any size screen.

Imagine someone searches for a hammer drill on their phone and your website comes up and they click it.

You want that person to have a great experience using your site on their phone, otherwise you’ll frustrate them and they’ll find a hammer drill for hire somewhere else.

That’s why it’s important that your website works on any size screen.


If you opt for a full scale marketing machine that’s set to ruin the competition you’ll have to fork out some cash. It probably wouldn’t be as expensive as this incredible tool, though.

I’m not cheap though.

That’s because you’re getting a phenomenal marketing package ready to help you get more clients in the long term.


Prospects will make contact with you if you have a Facebook page.

Your website, even if it’s not optimised, mobile-friendly and geared towards marketing, will draw some people who’ll be interested in hiring your equipment.

Advertising in your local magazine, booklet or newspaper will also get you enquiries.

But if you get my marketing package you’ll be able to reach prospects through three channels and get more leads, and consequently more sales, through an optimised, mobile-friendly website.

Book a consultation to see how I can help your plant hire business grow.

Grow your business!

Want a website that’s geared towards getting you more phone calls, more emails and more WhatsApp messages from people looking for your product or service?

Get in touch…

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