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Wedding venues

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Disclosure: some links in this article are monetized affiliate links. I earn commission from them, but at no additional cost to you.

Table of Contents

Your wedding venue is one of the most beautiful places in your district.

It’s a tranquil destination where brides’ dreams come true and you go out of your way to ensure that brides, bridegrooms and their family and guests enjoy their special day.

But are you getting enough brides-to-be through your door enquiring after your venue?

Are you missing out on brides?

Perhaps you’re an ardent social media user.

You post pictures of your venue to your Facebook page, sharing special moments created at your venue with followers.

And people love it. They like and share your posts.

But have you ever asked yourself whether that share by oom Andre, who’s 75 years old and won’t get married anytime soon, is worth anything?

His friends are all about his age. His grandchildren are all married or abroad, so him sharing your post is nice, but is it worth anything?

Not really.

Perhaps you have a snazzy website.

It’s got some basic contact information and a picture or two, but you don’t really invest in building on it.

It just sits there looking pretty. Sometimes someone passing by it will go in and look around, but not really make an effort to connect with you.

Maybe it’s time you got yourself a great website.

What can you do with your wedding venue website?

The basic things, like contact details and your location must be available on your website.

You also need to tell people exactly what they can expect from your venue.

And pictures of your venue are a must.

But what if you could use your website to increase the number of people visiting it?

A good website gives you that ability.

With a Bay Marketing Co website, built on the popular WordPress platform, you can add articles to your heart’s content.

With every success story you share on your site you’re increasing the likelihood of receiving more traffic.

And you look like a professional.

If you post pictures of every wedding you host, people will see that you’re popular and hence, an obvious choice.

Say for instance your venue is open to more than weddings.

Now you can split up your websites into categories.

Let’s say you offer business conferences.

Create a section on your website called Conferences and start posting articles about successful conferences taking place at your venue.

What you’ll be doing is showing how you solved brides and business’ problems.

Brides need a setting where they, as princesses, take their place as queen beside their king.

Businesses need a place where they can have a lekker conference and enjoy really good food and maybe a beer or three afterwards.

When you perpetually post articles about how you create solution after solution, what does that make you look like? Like an expert.

People trust experts.

And adding an article to your website isn’t difficult. If you can create Facebook posts you can add articles to your website.

Automatic sharing

One of the most important aspects of a Bay Marketing Co web design package is the automatic sharing option, should you activate it.

It takes the worry of sharing your articles off your hands.

So all you do is keep focusing on building your website so it draws people in and gets them performing an action you’d like them to take, like make a booking.

Email marketing

An email is a great way to communicate with people.

If you’re not using it to market your wedding venue you should look into it.

It’s still a top performer in marketing.

If you opt for the Bay Marketing Co email marketing package, your email marketing is put on auto-pilot.

You could create email newsletters manually, but it takes plenty of effort.

With our auto-pilot option, we create you an email newsletter system to which you can add up to 500 subscribers at no cost.

Then we set up a page on your website with a sign up form to which website visitors can add their names and email addresses. These are automatically added to your newsletter list.

Then, whenever you post an article to your website, that article goes out in a beautiful automatic newsletter.

Search engine marketing

I’m sure brides-to-be ask their friends and family on Facebook for wedding venue suggestions.

But they’ll also go onto Google to search those names they’ve been given.

Here are some of the searches brides-to-be perform when they’re looking for a wedding venue:

  • wedding venue near me
  • wedding venues
  • beach wedding venues
  • wedding venues eastern cape
  • wedding venues south africa
  • wedding venues durban
  • wedding venues kzn
  • wedding venues mpumalanga
  • wedding venues muldersdrift
  • cheap wedding venues
  • wedding in south africa
  • wedding venues pretoria

Are you featuring for any of those searches?

You’re thinking, “why would I want to feature for a search asking for a cheap wedding venue? We’re a premium wedding venue!”

But don’t miss the point. There’s traffic in all of those terms.

If you write a few articles about how cheap wedding venues could ruin a bride’s day, you’re creating traffic.

If you’re writing articles about wedding venues in South Africa, you’ll start featuring for searches about wedding venues in South Africa.

Social media marketing

Social media.

The most unsocial platform of our day.

But, despite the vanity metrics (likes and shares) there are leads lurking.

Brides-to-be are on Facebook, sharing all sorts of wedding pictures and articles.

But if you’re not paying for your Facebook ads to target those brides you’re wasting time.

Free social media marketing is notoriously useless because Facebook is in the business of selling ad space.

So you could pay for your ads or you could simply post to your Facebook page for free.

Whichever option you choose, make sure your ad takes people off Facebook.

You want people on your own website where they can take an action you designed for them.

With our auto-pilot social media sharing option it’s easy to do.

You keep adding articles to your website and they’re shared to your Facebook page.


A wedding venue with a Yahoo, Outlook or Gmail address looks unprofessional.

With one of our web design packages you can set up as many email addresses as you wish, your hosting space size being the only limit.


Your wedding venue website comes with Google Analytics which you’re welcome to check whenever you wish.

But you could opt for the weekly report, which sends out an email to you at a predetermined time and shares a little about what’s been going on on your website over the last week (adjustable).

Your website also contains a search button that records what people are searching for.

This is handy to determine what type of articles you could add to your website next.

Mobile friendly

Your website looks as beautiful as a fresh bride on any size screen.

You don’t want to frustrate brides-to-be by forcing them to pinch and zoom when they want to view things on your website.


You’d think a website with all of the above functionality will cost you a Rolex Champagne 18K yellow gold automatic watch (affiliate link), but it won’t.

We’re cheap.

That’s a terrible word to use.

It sounds so… cheap.

And you’re not cheap. You’re a wonderful venue.

But there’s no other word to use but cheap.


You could go on posting to Facebook and receive likes and shares and some leads. You could also use a standard website and hope for the best.

Or you could get a Bay Marketing Co website and start marketing to three channels from a single point.

You’ll steadily start seeing an increase in traffic and consequently an increase in leads.

Book a consultation, get yourself a Bay Marketing Co marketing package today and get more leads.

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