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The ingredients that make for a great website...



  • R1,800 for a new logo (optional)
  • R750 to convert your current bitmap (JPG, PNG, GIF) logo to vector (optional)

The logo should do a great job of conveying your company’s brand.

But if your logo doesn’t look good you’ll leave visitors with a little bit of a bitter taste in the mouth, which could lose you money.

A good logo looks great and determines your website’s colour scheme and type; in other words, the overall feel of the site.

Adding your new logo to your social media and other advertising and marketing channels gives your business a consistent look and feel.

We create you a beautiful vector logo that puts your website’s best foot forward and keeps it there.

Once your logo is designed, you need a place to show it off. That starts with a domain name…


Domain name registration & renewal

First time registration

  • - R80 / year *
  • .com - R273 / year *
  • .net - R320 / year *

* Applicable only to unregistered domain names.

Annual renewal

  • - R80 / year
  • .com - R273 / year
  • .net - R320 / year

You need a domain name if you’re to host your own website and email addresses.

But it’s important that your domain name is registered with you as the owner, because it’s part of your company’s assets.

You don’t want to wake up one day to find out the person who registered your domain name owns it and is about to sell it for fat profit.

You also wouldn’t want the person in charge of your domain name to lose the details and when renewal time comes along, someone “steels” your domain name from under your nose.

Then you lose not just your domain name, but your email addresses too.

We register your preferred domain name in your name and keep it safe for you.

That means the domain name is your property, but you don’t have to worry about the domain name admin.

When renewal time comes you won’t have to stress, safe in the knowledge that Bay Marketing Co will see to it that your domain name remains yours.

But a domain name without hosting doesn’t mean much…


SSD hosting

  • R200 / month

A website needs hosting. But using the wrong hosting could cost you dearly in the end.

Here’s what you get with Bay Marketing Co…

A few years ago a popular online publication compiled the following findings from various top sources into an article about web page load speed time:

  • 40% of people abandon a webpage that takes longer than 3 seconds to load
  • Google included page load speed as part of their ranking algorithm, which means if your site is too slow, Google will give precedence to your competition
  • Facebook decided to allow faster loading websites shared to a user’s feed to appear higher than those websites that load too slow

Slow hosting erodes your bottom line. It costs you customers and you might not even know it’s because your site takes a second or two too long to load.

That’s why we only offer fast SSD hosting, as opposed to standard hosting.

With Bay Marketing Co’s hosting your site is fast, which means you’ll keep site visitors happy, as well as delight the likes of Google and Facebook.

Your Bay Marketing Co package comes with 5GB of hosting.

It’s actually more than 5GB, but we can’t divulge too much info about it here.

Suffice it to say there’s more than enough space for your emails and blog posts with large, crisp images.

You’ve got speed and space, but what about security?



  • Free

Some web developers claim SSL (HTTPS) is crucial for your website’s security.

But that’s a simplistic take on a complex subject. Enabling HTTPS is not going to ensure your website won’t ever be hacked or compromised.


If you don’t use HTTPS, your competitors will rank higher than you in Google, because Google gives preference to HTTPS websites over HTTP.

Every Bay Marketing Co website package includes HTTPS for free, which makes Google happy with your website.

But how many pages do you get with your websites?


Optimised pages

  • R2,250 (once off)

First impressions are important.

That’s why your website’s pages must look great and work well.

So even if you don’t use the built-in marketing system that comes with a Bay Marketing Co website, your website should at the very least look superb and allow for people to get hold of you easily.

Because if you meet a new prospect offline, sending them to your 3-page website is one of the best things you can do to build trust.

Bay Marketing Co builds your website with WordPress for a number of reasons, not least of which because it makes things so much easier.

If you want to create a blog post it’s as easy as logging in, writing your post, adding a picture and clicking the Publish button.

And because your site is built on WordPress, we can monitor it 24/7, ensuring that your website’s in good hands.

If your website does get compromised, you won’t have to wait for a website visitor to inform you. Bay Marketing Co would have already seen it and taken the appropriate course of action to get it back on track ASAP.

Resize this page and you’ll notice the text scales to a different size (where it makes sense).

Every bit of your site is optimised to make your visitors as comfortable as possible while you woo them into parting with their cash, whether they’re using your website on desktop or a phone.

Your mobile-optimised website moves yet another obstacle out of the way as they travel towards their end goal: doing business with you.

Persuasive arguments are the world’s greatest salesmen.

Corporate claptrap—the use of dazzling large words—might impress your colleagues (and even win you awards), but it won’t bring in the sales.

Bay Marketing Co loads your website with down-to-earth language geared towards opening up wallets and handing over credit cards.

You might think people don’t read, but they do.

Words sell. Pictures draw in, but facts are the most powerful salesmen on earth. A fact might be something as simple as a price for your product, but it’s still a fact people want to read. Combine those facts with some emotionally tuned copy and you have a winner.

If your copy doesn’t convey the facts in a convincing manner, you’re flushing money down the drain.

Why not get one of those funky single page websites?

Because Bay Marketing Co wants your website to be as great as it can be, and more pages = more opportunities to work some SEO magic.

We don’t make a god of search engine optimisation because online marketing has many facets. But SEO is an important factor. (But these are secrets we can’t discuss here…)

Rest assured, we don’t dabble in crooked or blackhat SEO techniques. We don’t want your website to pay the penalty for what would be a greedy mistake.

But your site receives every single white hat optimisation technique.

We’ll load your pages with up to 500 words of optimised copy per page, which means you’ll look seriously good to your website visitors.

Of course, when you start adding your own articles you can write far more. You can write thousands of words if you wish. However much you need to tell your story.

We’ll upload up to 10 images per page.

Remember, this does not include images you can add via the articles you add yourself. In that regard you’ll receive plenty of legroom to add loads of images.

You want to impress your readers, after all.

What's SEO???

SEO is short for search engine optimisation. It involves loading your website with the correct on-page elements to attract Google and the like. (Some might argue it involves off-page elements too, such as inbound links; I have a slightly different view.)

In other words…

It's spraying your website with digital pheromones.

Your website’s built on WordPress, has a mobile-friendly design, and comes with optimised sales copy and superb SEO.

But what if you want to share news or product updates with customers and potential customers? You’ll need a blog…


Blog setup

  • R750 (once off)

You may think sharing updates to Facebook is great, but there’s no better way to share news or product updates than through your own blog.

Here’s why…

When you share information to a social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, you’re creating content for someone else.

In the case of Facebook, you’re building Mark Zuckerberg’s website for him.

Now, Facebook is great for running paid ad campaigns, but generally speaking, it’s useless as a free marketing platform.

You’re putting a lot of time and effort into something that won’t show a great return.

Likes and shares are NOT a return on investment...

Furthermore, you’re not building your own content portfolio.

But there’s another super important point.

When you’re sharing to Facebook alone, you’re EXCLUDING search engines, and that’s leaving traffic on the table.

When you write articles on your own website, you’re slowly but surely building your own website into an integral part of your business.

You’re targeting search engines, which are great traffic sources.

But what if you could target search engines and share to Facebook automatically?

You’ll love our solution…


Automatic social media sharing

  • Free setup

You have a myriad of channels at your disposal where you can share news and product updates.

Facebook, for instance, lets you create a basic page in minutes, to which you can post almost anything.

But it takes time to post your news to every available marketing channel.

And sometimes you write a blog post but forget to share it to your Facebook page.

Well, now you no longer have to worry about keeping all of your marketing channels updated.

That’s because we connect your blog to your Facebook account, as well as Twitter and Pinterest.

Now, whenever you post to your blog, that blog post is shared automatically to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. If you want to post to Instagram it can be arranged.

It’s a GREAT way to get more traffic to your website. And more traffic means more sales, which is what you’re after with your website.

If you don’t have any social media accounts set up, we can create them for you. Prices are listed below.


Social media account creation

  • Facebook - R750 (optional)
  • Pinterest - R500 (optional)
  • Instagram - R900 (optional)
  • Twitter - R250 (optional)

Everyone’s on social media these days.

So if you don’t have a Facebook page, Pinterest, Twitter and / or Instagram, you might be missing out.

But you want these pages to look good, not just have a slapped-together-in-the-morning-before-work look.

So let us do it for you and you don’t have to stress about it. We’ll add your logo, contact details and links (where applicable).

It’ll look great and be well optimised and tie in nicely with your blog, which automatically posts to all of these platforms.

Of course, if you already have your social media accounts set up, we’ll link your blog to them.

But there’s even better traffic available at your fingertips…


Automatic email newsletter

  • R750 (once off)

Email is still the world’s best electronic marketing platform.

Nothing beats having your own database of email subscribers to send product updates to.

Think about it. You receive direct access to a subscriber’s life, but it’s with their willing consent.

It’s not like Facebook, where you’re intruding on their kitten meme time.

You’ve actually hooked them through your website to sign up for your news. They really want to hear from you.

Here’s what Bay Marketing Co does for you.

Using one of the world’s foremost email newsletter providers we create you a newsletter system which allows you up to 500 subscribers FREE.

Then we add a form to your website where people can sign up for your news.

Whenever you share something on your blog it goes out automatically at a specified time.

It’s a super simple way to capitalise on an incredibly powerful marketing channel.

But you’ll also need to see who comes to your website and when they come…



  • R750 (once off)

When you own a website, you must know whether it’s receiving traffic or not, and where your traffic is from.

Not knowing who comes to your website when and why, makes it impossible to accurately determine your next marketing move.

For instance, if only people from a specific province are interested in your product or service, why spend time targeting other provinces in your blog posts?

With the help of Google Analytics this sort of information becomes clearer, teaching you how to arrange your content and your marketing campaigns.

We install Google Analytics on your website along with the free version of the popular MonsterInsights GA plugin.

But we also add your site to Google Search Console. Once Google starts tracking through Search Console you’ll see which keywords bring visitors to your site.

This is immensely helpful when you start optimising blog content for your target market.

But you’ll also need a way to communicate with customers in a professional manner.


Unlimited email accounts

  • Free (includes setting up of up to 5 email addresses, after which a charge of R250 per email address applies)

Many people won’t do business with @gmail, @live or @yahoo email account holders.

They expect their suppliers or business partners to use professional, domain-based email addresses.

With a Bay Marketing Co hosting package you can set up as many email addresses as you want for your domain.

The only limit is the package storage size, which in this case is 5GB.

Setting up your email is a breeze, and receiving it through email clients like Outlook, Gmail or any other email client is as easy as it gets.

Or you can access it in your browser.

Wherever you go, you have access to your emails.


Google My Business listing

  • R750

One of the best ways to increase sales is by getting people to tell others how wonderful your company is and the products you sell.

And one of the best review platforms is found right inside Google, with Google My Business.

We create your Google Business listing for you, add your company logo, your office hours and a company description.

Once you’re verified, we add you as the owner of your My Business listing so you can add pictures and posts and reply to reviews.

One thing though: Google My Business relies on old school postage to verify most accounts, so you’ll have to keep your eye open for a postcard from Google. Yes, it sounds archaic, but that’s what makes their listings so powerful. Not just anyone can jump on and abuse the platform.

Price list

Your package comes standard with

  • New domain name
  • Annual domain name renewal
  • 5GB SSD hosting
  • 3 optimised pages (Home, About, Contact)
  • Google My Business listing
  • Blog setup
  • Automatic social media sharing
  • Automatic email newsletter
  • Google Analytics & Search Console
  • Unlimited email accounts

Web design package pricing

Domain name (only unregistered domain names)

R80 annually


R273 annually


R320 annually


R300 annually


R300 annually


R300 annually

Social media account creation (optional)


R750 once off


R500 once off


R900 once off


R250 once off


R6,000 once off


R200 monthly

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