Pigz gets a custom website to advertise weekly restaurant specials.

I received a call from someone in Zambia who’d come across Bay Marketing Co on Google.

He was starting a venture his wife could run from South Africa while he’s working elsewhere on the continent.

He wanted an app, but after digging a little, I realised that a website would probably be able to do what he wanted.

With one difference…

A Bay Marketing Co website is WAY cheaper than a proper app.

He could create an app himself (there’s an app for that), but he’d need to ask what type of quality he’d be producing.

Or he could approach an agency that specialises in app development. The problem is, he’d be chucking big cash at something he can’t be sure will work. They might reassure him that his app is bound to make a killing, but the truth is we don’t know what’ll happen in the next half an hour, much less whether an app will turn profit tomorrow or in six months.

Another thing: how would he market the app once it’s running? He’d probably still need a website to that end.

So we decided to move ahead with a website.

That allows him to start a venture for a fraction of the cost of an app. In time, the market would show him whether his venture is worth continuing.

I told him to give the website six months; to pour into it fervently and see if there’s an increase in traffic and interest in what he has to offer.

And that’s how pigz.co.za was born.

It showcases restaurant specials on a weekly basis. These specials go out in a weekly newsletter, as well as gets posted to Facebook.

The newsletter lets subscribers choose which areas they’d like to receive offers for, which means someone sitting in Doornkloof needn’t receive updates from restaurants in Moot.

Check out pigz.co.za. If you’re a restaurant owner, make use of their fantastic service and get more exposure.

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