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Fully automated online marketing package

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Table of Contents

Want more leads without the effort?

Then get the Bay Marketing Co fully automated marketing package while there’s still space.

Here’s how you’ll benefit from this mega automated marketing package…
Read this article in full if you want to understand why this is a spectacular auto-pilot marketing system.

The premise

  • Market your product or service to prospects through at least three channels.
  • Take a long term, legal angle that’ll help establish you as an authority in your field.
  • Invest in your brand.
  • We do the hard work.

Here’s the complete breakdown.


It starts with a website, which forms the backbone of your automated marketing.

Why a website?

Because you want to draw people into your world where you give them the image you want them to see of you and where you have full control of the content.

You’re not leaving your brand image to the dubious mercy of social media, which is notoriously fickle.

You’ve got a home base from where you can run marketing campaigns and your PR.

You’re the boss.

Search engine optimised

All it takes for you to slide a little further down the search engine rankings is to use a website that’s not optimised.

That’s why we optimise your website.

Every page is created with one question in mind: will it help search engines rank your content as well as it should?

As your automated package grows with quality content you’ll start seeing your website featuring for more searches.

In others words, you’ll make your way to the top of Google!


Why irritate website visitors to the moon and back with a website that’s as slow as a sloth?

We build your site fast enough to give them (and Google) a great user experience.

Mobile friendly

You wouldn’t want a website that forces people to pinch and zoom to read your compelling content.

That’s why we give you a website that looks great on any size screen: large, medium or small.

But your important design elements (like calls-to-action) aren’t left in the ditch on mobile. You want website visitors to complete some form of action whether they’re visiting from their desktop, their iPad or a phone.

Backed up

If your website crashes your automated marketing will fall apart.

But rest assured, your website has two backups at any given time, mínimising risk.


What if something goes wrong on your website and you only find out about it days after things went south?

Website visitors greeted by your faulty website won’t inform you about it. They’ll simply visit your competition.

We add your website to our monitoring system that lets us keep a constant eye, ensuring everything keeps running smoothly.

Analytics included

We install Google Analytics on your website.

This is CRUCIAL if you want to know if you need to make changes to your marketing strategy.

You also receive a weekly report displaying metrics like which keywords brought people to your website, where they’re from and which pages they visited.

Your site also comes with a search box that records what website visitors search for. This is great for determining what people are actually expecting from your online home.

Content is Sikh

We start with your goals.

What are you after? More subscribers? More shop walk ins? More online sales?

The whole idea behind this marketing system is making the old maxim, content is king, a reality.

By consistently adding top quality content to your website you’ll see an increase in traffic.

And when there’s an increase in traffic, there’s bound to be an increase in leads.

Four mega blog posts per month

We write you four blog posts per month of 1,000 words each.

If you want to succeed online, one of the best ways is to write long form copy gems.

You might say, “but people don’t read.”

But they do. They just don’t want to read long boring blocks of text that make no sense.

And even if they don’t necessarily read every word of your content, they still scan for what they’re after.

That’s why we employ professional web writing tactics to make your long form copy content palatable.

The length of the article helps establish you as the authority in your field, while the expert way in which we craft the article helps people (and search engines) scan it easily, ensuring we don’t bore readers to death.

Email newsletter system

Think email is ancient and best left to a hall-of-fame for has-been marketing legends, but has no place in a modern automated marketing package?

You’d be surprised at the fact that email marketing is still one of the top ways digital marketers reach out to prospects and clients.

Email is a magnificent way to communicate with clients.

Someone liking your Facebook post takes no commitment. They can do it while munching on a Dorito, reading a book on their Kindle and watching a movie on Netflix.

But someone giving you their email address commits to receiving news at a place reserved for their most intimate communication.

You must take advantage!

Free subscribers

This system allows you to subscribe up to 500 people for free.

And should your numbers increase beyond that it costs only a nominal monthly fee.

Sign up form included

You could always walk around your town or city gathering email addresses for your email newsletter. It’s a great way to get people signed up.

You could show off your products and services at conventions across the country and manually gather email addresses there too. Another fine way to harvest emails.

But we also include a sign up page on your website to which website visitors can add their names and email addresses.

They’re automatically added to your newsletter.

If you have the budget we can do a number of things to grow your email list, such as run a contest or free giveaway.


Though we can create and send hand made email newsletters, we tie in your website to send out a newsletter every time you add content.

It’s a great way to reach clients with hardly any effort.

We focus on adding new content to your website and the email newsletter takes care of itself.

Here’s why that’s important…

Draw subscribers to you

When you send out an automatic newsletter of your website content you force recipients to click through if they want to learn more.

Your newsletter content contains an image and some intro text to your latest content. Nothing more. It looks professional, but it’s sparse for a reason.

That’s a great way to get subscribers onto your site, where we set up a call to action in line with your marketing goals.

Social media marketing

Our automated marketing package includes social media.

It’s tackled two ways…

  • Paid social media
  • Free social sharing

Paid social media

For short term, NOW success we use paid social media advertising to draw people into your website from where they perform the task your website is geared towards making them take.

Free social sharing

The other way is, we share your latest articles to your social media platforms. This creates a constant stream of content useful to your social media followers.

This is not nearly as powerful as paid social media advertising, but it’s free and we can use it as much as possible.

Search engine marketing

With a well thought out marketing plan under your belt, a great website to push that marketing plan from and constant excellent content added to your website, search engines must take notice.

There are two ways to suck traffic from search engines:

  • Paid advertising
  • Natural rankings

Paid search

Similar to paid social media advertising, paid search ads are a great way to get people to your website NOW.

We set you up with Google Ads geared towards targeting the right people for your product or service.

You’ll notice an almost immediate increase in traffic, which you can capitalise on by having your website work like a lead generation machine.

Natural rankings

Natural rankings are phenomenal for long term traffic.

When you consistently add great content to your website you’re building a slowly growing delta with tendrils that reach farther and farther, creating green where there used to be desert.

Why this is a great automated package

This is a long term marketing strategy that should pay big dividends in the long run.

And because we don’t employ quick fix solutions and black hat SEO to try and game the system you’ll stand out above the crowd.

In a world of distortion your truth will be refreshing.

Cancel any time

And the moment you’re not happy any more, you cancel.

There are no long term contracts and no obligations the moment you cancel.

Cheap automated marketing packages?

Don’t fall for cheap automated online marketing packages!

You’ll be tempted by automated marketing packages (called spinning software) that create blog posts and re-spins your articles to say the same thing in a different way, a 100 times over.

You’ll also come across software that creates fake comments on blogs with links back to your website.

It’s so, so, so tempting to fall for these types of software. I’ve even been swallowed before!

But they’ll lead your website to online marketing hell.

Here’s why.

Makes you look like a kook

Few things make you look more stupid than articles that make no sense at all.

And that’s invariably what happens when you use spinning software.

Your articles might look OK in the beginning, but it won’t be long before it’s a mess of incomprehensible gobbledygook fit for consumption only by maggots.

But there’s more to it than you looking like a fool.

There’s also something important lurking in the corner, waiting to pounce…

You’re a penalty waiting to happen

Google will have you for lunch if you think you can outsmart them with a piece of spinning software.

And even if your spinning works for a long time, a day of reckoning is coming.

And when it sees your spinning for what it is, your house of cards will come crashing down hard and there’ll be no mercy.

That’s why you must not fall for these sorts of marketing schemes and scams.

Get your auto-pilot marketing package today

Don’t wait another minute.

Get hold of us today so we can start creating valuable short term and long term marketing strategies geared towards increasing leads and consequently, sales.

Get a Bay Marketing Co marketing package now.

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