Raw drumsticks in pan with veggies


Four brothers from Jeffreys Bay decided to make a bold move by starting a company that sells frozen chicken at ridiculous rates to Jeffreys Bay residents.

It’s bold, because it’s not like chicken is a scarcity. Most people eat it, so it’s like the white bread of meat.

But their offer is so unique and irresistible that Jeffreys Bay residents would be silly (to be politically correct) to not sign up for it.

They offer a number of different chicken cuts at reduced rates, but on top of that, they offer a subscription option that not only adds discount to their discounted chicken, but includes free delivery.

Their bold move should see people flocking in droves to sign up, which means they’ll start generating unstoppable cash flow!

I set up a simple website loaded with copy and images, as well as a simple sign up form through which people can apply for the chicken subscription option.

The beauty of the sign up form is that it’s automatically connected to a Google spreadsheet. When someone completes the form, their details are added to the form, from where one of the brothers can process the request.

In future, once they have enough subscribers, we’ll look at setting up customer personas and linking it to paid Facebook ads.

Learn more about their offer at ProteinFuels.

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